“... and of the Moon, the Sun, and the Sea of Stars.” —

Hi, Leon.

First off, I don’t want to make it seem like we’re parting ways. So, no, this is not a farewell letter. As I said, I’m here, in the reach of your arms. It’s just that.. I want to verbalize this impending yearning I’m about to have for our shared moments through my gratitude. I’m immensely grateful for having our paths intersect, I really am. You made me feel things in ways I haven’t felt in a long time.

Three seconds. It’s all it took for me to get swooned, charmed, wooed, and whatever it is you could name it. You’re so articulate with your feelings and I love that. Your reassurances, your affirmations, your concerns, they warmed my chest. I started to sink in your pools of affection and I enjoyed every second of it.

Three seconds is also how long it took for me to read you. I may not have much say in this, but I learned that you are so apologetic of yourself. It tingles something in the back of my head every time you second guess yourself. I’ve said that too, right? “I’m sorry I said that,” “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.” No, you don’t have to feel bad for showing your antics. I’ve grown to love it in a span of three days, I’m sure you can start to love it too.

Through this letter, I ought to return the warm sensation in my chest back to you. I want it to envelop you with so much love and accompany you for the rest of the year—and beyond. Thank you for giving me that in the first place when you absolutely have no obligation to. I’m returning the kind gestures through something that will hopefully be safely kept and be carried wherever you go.

I told the moon about you. I told her how I was the happiest when I shared my minutes with you. I told her you were wonderful. I told her everything about you that can’t possibly be articulated into words. I told her because I want her to sing your name when the full moon comes. I want the world to remember how wonderful our shared moments had been. Though fleeting, I will look back to it with tender heart and longing eyes.

Thank you, Leon, for giving me a chance to close off the year with a sweet end note. I love you, in ways that can’t possibly be boxed into any category. As a lover, a past lover, a friend, a stranger, a family. All encapsulated in one. I want you to be the happiest person to ever walk on the face of the earth. Again, thank you.


I told the moon about you.