We are the creation of God while we live in this world for a short period of time let's to our best to make our creator happy

My name is Getahun tizazu, am 27 years old ,went to primary school @ liza high-school @ steps and prep @ liza again right now I live in united States in the sate of Georgia working @ private company as IT consultant love my job so far life is Good.right now am working on my self getting a good body shape I used to weigh 180lbs 6 months ago just realized that am over weight and on my way to obesity so I decided to live a healthy life style cut all the bulky foods right now am 152lbs I lost 28lbs I feel so comfortable and free working out is my hobby now am motivating peoples to workout have changed 6 other people's to loose weight and many more coming everything is possible 💪💪

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