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Hi, I’m Nesha or @geekynesh on Instagram, six figure Amazon seller, author of Ungated for Cheap and Amazon Seller Coach. I help new Amazon sellers find their way through the basics of selling on this wild reselling platform🤓📦💰
Amazon can be tough but it’s worth it!

My ebook Ungated for Cheap outlines the ungating process to sell more faster. This way you can achieve profit making results quicker than other new sellers. My coaching service offers a 2 week mentorship program to hold your hand while you start your Amazon reselling journey. It starts with 2 days of intensive training to get any new seller headed in the right direction!

I use reselling on Amazon as a vehicle to change my life circumstances and to take advantage of business opportunities. I did it without a lot of capital and you can too!
Showing new sellers this can be done with a low barrier of entry is my thing! 🤓

👟It’s a marathon not a sprint👟

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Check out my channel for the latest on how to sell on Amazon with plenty of tips and tricks. Plus how to remain grounded in the world of entrepreneurship.

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