Mindset, Money & Motherhood

Blending the discovery of who you are with the beauty of conscious motherhood, whilst reclaiming financial freedom.

Hey, firstly thanks for being curious, I’m Gemma, mumma to a 3 year old little boy and a few months ago I was plodding along, happily spending my days making my little boy happy.

What I wasn’t doing though was reconnecting back to my own dreams and desires and I really thought I had left those at the door as I gave birth.

I was desperate to stay at home with my little boy and not return to work. I wanted to carry on our adventures, to watch him thrive and grow and teach him all about the world through play and adventure.

But I was also missing me. I wanted to blossom into the person I now am after having a child. I wanted to look after myself as I look after others. I wanted to earn and have my own money, have my own financial freedom but not at the expense of leaving my little boy 9-5 everyday.

So I started working on a plan to free us as a family. To travel, experience what the world has to offer and show our son the world along the way. I wanted to find myself, to let go of my limiting beliefs and the age old story that I couldn’t combine the two worlds I wanted so much.

So here I am on that journey and I want to show you Mumma what is possible for you and your family too.

Everything in life is a choice, and everything you tell yourself becomes your reality.

Let me show you how to step out of the shadows of motherhood and combine being a mother with being a bad ass women creating the life you truly desire for yourself and your family.

Your one choice away from creating your dream life. Choose it, it’s all within you. ✨

Here’s a PDF link with more info on what we do

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Meet Kristie X Ord. An incredible mother of 2, multiple 7 figure earner who has cracked the code to Freedom. All round beautiful human who has created a life of time and financial freedom for her family 💜

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It’s all within YOU