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Sensual BBW Seductress

I am Gemini East, an exotic BBW escort in Portland, Oregon. I offer sensual GFE companionship and erotic playtime to gentlemen who are seeking the company of an experienced, independent woman.

My love for life helps me bring out the best in every encounter with genuine interest in you and your needs. I'm here to make all of your fantasies come true, satisfy all your desires and give you the womanly attention you need.

Anyone who is seeking the company of an independent, busty, chill and playful companion or is looking for a sexy BBW with head game thats off the charts- will enjoy any time they spend with me.

I offer many types of services and experinces but my most natrual way of interacting with clients is during my sensual GFE dates or my hot PSE dates. I am kink, fetish & BDSM friendly, so any fun and sexy fantasy you have, I'd love to fulfill.

Come explore all the possibilities! Contact me now so we can get started!

Gender: Female
Age: 28
Hometown: Queens, New York
Home Base: Portland, Oregon
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Dress Size: 22/24
Bra Size: 42 F / 44 DDD
Shoe Size: 10
Heel Size: 10 / 10 W
Lingerie: 3XL-4XL

Hobbies: Self-Education, Video Games, Driving, Digital Art, Reading, Traveling
Favorite Foods: Authentic Japanese, Asian (in general), Italian, French
Favorite Drinks: Bobba Tea, Fruit Juice
Favorite Alcoholic Drinks: Hibiscus Mimosa
Favorite Position: Any variation of Mish or Doggy
S & M Role: Sub-Switch


Activities I May Enjoy

• Russian • DT • Fantasy Outfits • GFE • Greek (advance notice required) • Full Service • Rockstar Experience • DFK / LFK (GFE Only) • Lunch / Dinner Dates • Light Sensual Massage • MOSG (HH or Longer) • BBBJ / BBBJCIM / CBJ • Companionship Only • DATY • Alternative Lifestyle • PSE • Role-playing • Submission (Sub-Switch) • Toy show • Extended dates / Overnights / Weekends • Will entertain couples • Manhandling • Fetish / Kink / Light BDSM / Hardcore • Love & Sex Coaching • Extended Foreplay • Vanilla Services • & much more! 🖤🖤🖤🖤 Escort Term Dictionary:


For My Time

Please note:
-Donations are non-negotiable.
-Please no low-ball offers, I find it disrespectful.
-Donations can be accepted via Cash, CashApp or Bitcoin only.
-Donations are all-inclusive, no surprise fees or upselling.
-Tips and gifts are greatly appreciated, but not required.
-Arcade Meets and Car Dates are -20 of the donations listed below.
CashApp: $GeminiEast


Regular Donations:
QV Lip: 100 • QV FS: 150 |
HH: 200 • HR: 250 • 2 HR: 500 • 3 HR: 700 |
PSE Donations:
QV Lip: 200 • QV FS: 250 |
HH: 350 • HR: 450 • 90 MIN: 550 • 2 HR: 750 |
GFE Donations:
HH: 250 • HR: 350 • 2 HR: 650 |


Good Manners Don't Cost A Thing!

Below I will go over some commonsense advice and warnings against unfavorable client behaviors that should be avoided at all costs.

Employ normal good manners and social etiquette.

For example, ask rather than demanding, say “thank you” at the end and treat me like a human being. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes in your experience.

Remember that we are businesswomen and that this is our business.

You wouldn't contact a service business and ask for a free service, just because. Business is business, try to be mindful of that. Please respect the professional boundaries I set.

Be where you say you’re going to be when you say you’re going to be there.

Try to be on time and call if you’ll be more than five minutes late, before your actually late. If you know your going to see me, try to take care of any errands (like hitting the ATM) beforehand. If your running more then 15 minutes late, you might have to reschedule, so do yourself a favor and be on time! If you get cold feet, an escort you want to see more finally texted back or whatever reason that may be, please call to cancel. Wasting my time is a sure fire way to stop any chance of you meeting me.

Respect My Limits & Boundaries.

If you apply common sense, common courtesy and behave in a respectful manner; You’ll be the kind of client professionals like to see rather than the kind we dread, and you’ll find your experience is much more rewarding and fulfilling because of it.

Email and text as though it may some day be read aloud in court.

We are far beyond the days of it being acceptable to discuss explicit behaviors or wants via text or email. In fact – as history has shown us – there may never have been a time when it was acceptable to do this. But in the wake of FOSTA/SESTA, it is your duty as a client to do everything you can to keep yourself and anyone you contact as safe as possible. Never text or email a provider about illegal activities or photos of your genitals.

Just don't.

You don't negotiate set rates.

Asking questions about the math of someones rates? That's fine. Trying to bargain them down because you "only want X" or don't think they're worth what's being asked? You better don't. If a provider has a rate that is beyond what you can afford or are comfortable with, you should keep on searching.

I personally only accept donations via Cash, CashApp or Bitcoin. No PayPal, no Venmo, no money orders, checks, gift cards or bank transfers.

We Don't Kiss And Tell

Naturally, you can rely on my discretion and I will rely on yours. Real gentlemen never kiss and tell: sharing your previous experiences, or expecting me to share any details about mine (or about my clients) will make me very uncomfortable.

Good Hygiene = Good Times

I expect and like my date to be freshly showered, cleanly shaven or neatly trimmed, skin free from overly scented products that taste like poison and nicely dressed – just like you would expect of me.
I find it very arousing when I can only smell the light scent of soap on a man and all I can taste is his natural skin- it makes my experience better, gets me in the mood faster and I'm more then happy to provide stellar service.
Don't be that guy who is unwashed, smelly and didn't wash his privates properly before a date. Or worse, shows up to a date after seeing another provider and did not care to wash beforehand. That kind of behavior is disrespectful, disgusting and is a sure fire way to have your appointment immediately cancelled with no refunds given.

Malicious Health Risks

Malicious Health Risks are:

-A client booking a date while knowingly suffering from a STD or any contagious ailments or disease. A client having open sores/wounds/rashes on body while trying to get services.

-A client purposefully tampering with/ ripping / taking off covers without my consent while getting full or greek service.

Those actions are malicious and are done with intent to ignore my boundaries and do something WITHOUT MY CONSENT. That is sexual predator behavior and is 100% NEVER OK.

Those caught or found out to have maliciously risked my heath will be lifetime banned, blacklisted, reviewed and will be required to provide compensation to cover the following:

-Uninsured doctors visit for STD testing & after care
-Pregnacy Testing
-Preventive STD/HIV Medications
-Perscription Grade Morning After Pills
-STD Treatments & Prescriptions
Minimum Total of $600

Save your self the trouble and money and just don't do it.


I can't wait to show you what I can do. Schedule some time with me today!

Text/Call: 503-621-4605 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Email: [email protected]

Naughty Activities

A more comprehensive list of naughty activities.

•Fire & Ice BJ
•Mutual Masturbation
•Role Play
•Taboo Fantasy
•Bedroom Costumes
•Full Service
•DATY - Receiving / Giving
•DATO - Receiving
•Toy Show
•Translated French
•Untranslated French
•Half & Half
•Hindu Massage
•Reverse Half & Half
•Hardcore Full Service
•Rough Full Service