The Vibe

join me in London!

Me + you, completely focused on your business for two days.

THE VIBE is tailored to exactly where you’re at in your business and where you’re headed. Here’s an idea of what we could achieve…

+ Define your brand positioning, messaging and framework.

+ Develop your offer architecture and pricing.

+ Create a signature offer that is fully aligned with who you are, how you work and the results you bring your clients.

+ Design your client attraction strategy and action plan. Think marketing that actually feels good.

+ Develop your online personal presence and visual identity (think brand identity, creative direction etc).


Prep work + pre-program assessment

90 minute strategy session via Zoom

2 full days of high-level coaching and consulting. We work from 9-5 so you will need to arrive in London before 9am on the first day

Breakfast + lunch on both days (to maximise our time, we’ll have a working lunch)

2 days access to a members-only creative workspace (this is great for creating content or having a mini photoshoot!)

1 month of follow-up Voxer coaching

20% discount on my signature 6 month private coaching partnership

DM for details! 🔥

Private Coaching

It’s time to remember who the f-ck you are

Here’s what I know to be true from 10 years of helping women create success their own way, and building multiple businesses of my own…

The fastest way to create what you desire is to reclaim who you are.

How would it feel to amplify…

Your connection to yourself? Your courage? Your visibility? Your bank account? Your business growth? Your self-expression? Your magnetism? Your creativity? Your pleasure? Your feminine power?

You’re ready to go deeper than you’ve gone before.

To burn down what isn’t working.

To break free from the conditioning that’s taught you to believe you’re anything less than the powerful woman you are.

To step into the frequency of possibility, abundance and radical self-worth.

I’m here to support you to elevate your business, life + bank account.

My private mentorship:
6 months or 12 months

DM me to get started 🔥

Weekend of Voxer

A mini intensive 🔥

A weekend of one-to-one coaching support.

Maybe you feel like this is the year you REALLY want to make some progress on those goals you’ve been dreaming of for years. Maybe you’ve got an idea but you just can’t seem to get started. Maybe you’re struggling to figure out your next steps. Maybe you know what you want but you’re questioning if you can make it happen.

You know that for things to change, you need to change something. What got you here isn’t going to get you to where you want to be.

You’re ready to take action and need a little support, accountability and help to move forward.

Usually, Voxer access is reserved for my long term one-to-one clients only, so this is a unique opportunity to work with me for an entire weekend. One weekend, you, me and a whole lot of clarity.

Voxer is a messaging app, available on your phone or desktop, which allows for voice, video and text messaging (similar to WhatsApp). It’s the perfect way to bounce ideas around and get support whilst having time in between messages to reflect and process.

Before your weekend we will set our focus. During your weekend we will connect via Voxer to work through what’s holding you back and how to move forward. You can send unlimited messages and I’ll be on hand to reply, make suggestions, share tools and practices and coach you through blocks.

Don’t underestimate the power that comes from having a coach in your pocket for the weekend! Some of my one-to-one clients actually get their biggest shifts from our Voxer messages between sessions.

Investment is £495. Payment plans available.

Let’s make some magic.

DM me to get started! 💛