An Eve from the Heaven

Craliesha Genéiva

Her name is Craliesha Genéiva. Craliesha means the peaceful path of life that colored with freedom, joy, and perfection. The name lights a spirit in her heart, she wants to live her life exactly that way, even if it's harder than reaching the other piece of her name, Genéiva, the moon.

She was born on September 4th 1997, to be the prettiest blessing for the world. She was brought to the world by a well-respected family, making her a lady everyone admired of. Despite of her background, she owns a special ability that makes her the humblest person everyone ever met.

Other people with the same family background as her are famous for their arrogance, but Genéiva, she was and is still famous for her bright smile and heartwarming laugh ever since she was a little. It's an unwritten rule that you can't hate her, you can't hate a heart that kind.

Today, the loved little lady has grown and become a gorgeous young lady. She is currently working as a high class model.

But still, she is not someone too busy to be friend with. Deep in her heart, her little self is still eager to share some laughs with every soul. If you see her wandering around, please don't hesitate to greet her, because she won't hesitate to bring you to her wonderland too.

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