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So many landlords are allowed to discriminate against potential tenants who are using the housing choice voucher program (section 8) to assist them with their rent and it's unfair.

Are you tired of hearing those dreadful words "no we don't accept section 8? Well I'm here to help. I have been where you are and I know exactly what you're going through. I felt hopeless, desperate and started to question why did they even give me a voucher and then threaten to take it away if I couldn't find decent housing within the alloted time frame?

My search for housing was exhausting and left me feeling drained at the end of the day. So I decided that maybe I can help others in my situation by relieving their stress.

No more searching for potential landlords that will accept your voucher!

No more making endless phone calls only to be told "no we don't accept section 8"!

I have compiled a list of apartment communities and private landlords throughout the state of Georgia that will accept the housing choice voucher (section 8). The list is updated weekly.

My goal is for you to relax and finally breath a sigh of relief because your endless search is finally over.

***Please note***
Please do not send any money, sign a lease or complete an application without first viewing the property and making sure you meet their minimum qualifications. Please ask questions and trust your own instincts when it comes to the reliability of these private landlords.
I am not responsible for what happens after you call them. I am not affiliated with them I just searched for housing that will accept section 8 if they said yes, I added them to the list. 

Take precautions!
Don't wire money!
Don't pay for a house you can't see!
Don't accept them mailing you the key!

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Personalized Search

You're Personal Realtor/Assistant

When you purchase this option, you're purchasing me. You're hiring me to focus all my time and energy into finding the perfect place for you and your family. I understand that each one of your situations are uniquely different, that is why I personally communicate with you to find out what you need and get to work immediately to deliver you results.

Think of me as you're personal assistant or real estate agent. I also understand the time restraints and the urgency to find something before your voucher expires because I have been where you are. That's why I will work hard to help you find a place.

I have to make it clear, even if I find the perfect place I can not guarantee that the landlord will approve your application. So I would advise if you have a recent eviction, you owe past landlords, or have a recent bankruptcy please don't purchase this option because there is no guarantee that you will be accepted into any place that I find for you.

Also, for those with a low credit score most private landlords don't rely heavily on them so you may still be accepted with a low score.

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