Hi Everyone!
Welcome to georgie_can_cook digital! This is a site where you can explore a wide range of sweet treats that can be purchased from georgie_can_cook. I will cook the food and deliver to your house (no delivery fee!). The prices will be displayed on here. DM my Instagram page @georgie_can_cook for bookings to secure your goodies! Thanks so much for your support.
Georgie xx

P.s Savoury food delivery is coming soon!

Sweet Treat Range

Sweat Treats you MUST try! DM me to secure your sweet treats

- sweet treats may contain nuts
- ask for gluten free options
- DM me to organise delivery dates & times for your goodies

Curly Wurly Caramel Brownies

These Curly Wurly Brownies are irresistible. Price: $40 for a batch (12 large brownies)

Cinnamon Buns

Fluffy cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing- icing can be swapped out for a standard icing.
Price: $45 for 8 large buns

Lemon Meringue Pie

To die for lemon meringue pie: can be decorated in multiple ways (see Instagram for different variations of the pie). Feeds 8-12. Price: $55

Hazelnut Paline drip cake

Two tier, 6 layered chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing, dark chocolate drip and hazelnut praline + toffee accessories. Serves: 25-30 (big cake). Price: $140

French apple tart rosette

Apple tart crafted into the shape of a rose. Feeds 8-12. Price: $55

Drunk Barbie Cake

Perfect for an 18th or 21st. two tier, 6 layered cake with chocolate drip, alcohol bottles and drunk barbie! Serves: 25-30 (big cake). Price: $130

Drunk Ken Cake

Drunk Ken Cake topped with 2 spirit bottles of your choice. This is one size smaller than the drunk barbie cake. (Different sizes available). Feeds: 10-12. Price: $90

Anniversary/ Wedding styled cake

2 tier, 6 layered cake with real flowers and a cake topper. Available in vanilla and chocolate. Large cake feeds: 25-30. Price: $150

Banoffee Pie

The most delicious Banoffee pie. Enough to feed a family. Feeds 8-12. Price: $45

Nutella Drip Cake

Chocolate Nutella drip cake, topped with Nutella jar and ferrero roches. Feeds: 10-15 people. Price: $125

Cupcakes: Funfetti

Funfetti cupcakes with a whipped vanilla buttercream icing Price: $30 for 12

Number Birthday Cakes

Number birthday cakes: can be made with any decoration or thought in mind (DM me ideas). Really large cake feeds up to 50ppl. Pricing $100- 150 depending on decoration.

Raw (healthier) cookie slabs

Delicious raw treat choc chip cookie slabs. 20 small bites or 10 large slabs. Price: $35

Deconstructed chocolate mud cake

Deconstructed chocolate mud cake with Nutella & ferrero roches (white, milk & dark) with a light chocolate buttercream. Feeds: 10-12. Price: $75

No Bake Cheesecake

No bake cheesecake with a toffee dome & raspberries. (Can add any cake topper: extra $15) feeds 6-8. (Bigger sizes available). Price: $45

Choc Coconut Slice

Choc coconut slice topped with chocolate icing and white chocolate rafaello’s . 12 large pieces. Price: $35

Floating m&m cake

Vanilla floating m&m cake. Can be made as chocolate too. Feeds 8-10. Price: $50

Smarties Cake

Chocolate or vanilla cake: with smarties and chocolate sticks. Feeds: 10-15. Price: $55

Apple crumble muffins

Apple crumble muffins. Price: $30 for 8 large muffins

Burnt butter Nutella’s filled cookies

Gooey Nutella filled cookies. $30 for 15 large cookies

Floral cupcakes

Vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream piped into the shape of flowers. Price: $30 for 12

Golden Cake

Layered vanilla buttercream cake topped with gold features. (Cake topper available extra $15) feeds: 10-15. Price: $85

Dark salted cookies

Moist dark salted cookies that simply melt in your mouth. Price: $20 for 12

Malteaser and caramel slice

Gooey malteaser and caramel slice. A malteaser cookie base, caramel filling, melted malteaser choc layer, topped with malteasers on top. 12 large pieces. Price: $35 for a batch

Sweet potato brownies

a healthier alternative to brownies. Super moist. Price: $30 for a batch. (12 large pieces)

Apple PIe

Delicious homemade apple pie. Brought to you pre cooked, all you need to do is reheat in the oven or microwave. A raw apple pie can be requested (to cook in your own home). Feeds: 10-12. Price: $45

Choc chip banana bread

Melt in your mouth choc chip banana bread. Also available in plain banana bread Price: $25 for a loaf.

Melting moments

Lemon melting moments. Price: $25 for 8 large melting moments

Floral cake

Vanilla buttercream layered cake with floral piped icing. Feeds: 10-12. $50

Traditional Lemon Meringue pie

Classic lemon meringue pie. Feeds: 10-12. Price: $45

A cake of YOUR choice

If you have a cake in mind please DM a picture of it and I can recreate for you at a reasonable price. Here is an example of a recreated cake. Price: depending on request of cake