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A few years ago in Philadelphia, designing and making jewelry began as an idea in a small room that slowly grew into a passion. Hi, my name is Sani and I like to think outside the box where my designs are inspired by colors and African prints.

My aim is to design jewelry for women that not only make them feel beautiful , but to remind men and women that beauty comes in many forms.

One of my wishes is to see African inspired jewelry in stores such as boutiques, discount stores, retail stores and department stores.

I am an awesome mom to a 11 year old beautiful princess who keeps me grounded and motivated. Besides making jewelry, my other hobbies include crocheting, writing, drawing, painting and playing the keyboard. I also enjoy dancing to music and reading but do not watch much television.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about me. Please enjoy my designs as they are original and handcrafted/painted.

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