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Hi my name is Ravin Joseph. I am a child of God first and foremost. I have been a high school teacher for the last decade, teaching in New York City.

My podcast Get Candid was created to empower women of color focusing on wellness . I believe that we are all born in our purest form and that it takes work to get back to that place. We can allow our experiences to either make or break us. My experiences and beliefs transformed me to the woman I am today. Getting Candid, with my soul is a daily practice.

I am the founder of Ladies About Community Elevation Inc. an organization mentoring young girls, teaching them to become effective community leaders by developing self-love, through collaboration and service learning. If we master loving our selves we not only have a better opportunity of becoming our best selves, but this will impact the entire community that we interact with.

Candid Soul Candle Company was inspired by my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Our recent pandemic reminded me of how important wellness is and I use my candle company to promote this in a creative way.

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