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welcome to my account this is an account that only spreads positivity. I get happy when someone talks nice about my account and says it helps them & more!
If you want to learn about me read on<3

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Hi I’m joy!I’m a fanpage on TikTok for Ellie zeiler!<3

I want to be a chef or fashion designer when I’m older!I also really like to make friends but I don’t really have a lot. Ellie zeiler makes me more confident and so does my best friend ever Mia!(elliestiny/tinyre)

I really like cooking and making food for my family it’s something I really enjoy!

I got a cook book by Gordon Ramsey for Christmas (my favvv holiday) I’ve wanted to be a chef for 3 years now but I’m scared I’ll fail. I like to make cakes cupcakes muffins there the only things I’m actually good at really. I made cookies once and it became 1 giant cookie I made them to big oopsie

My fav TikTok accs!

Here are my favourite TikTok accounts!

I have 3 favourite accounts there really talented and creative there so amazing and there such kind people! They don’t get into drama (not that I know of) there really trustworthy & more but I would have had to go on for hours if everything!


this is my best friend Mia she’s really talented and sweet I can trust her with anything! We met on TikTok and we’ve been bestfriends since!


This girl is amazing she’s very talented and her contents so nice! She’s really creative I have joined Ellie’s fandom because of her!

Elliezeiler/ Ellie!

This is my idol Ellie zeiler! She’s such a talented girl and she’s very unique!shes a very good influence and she is super sweet I’ve tried her fandom once & this second time is the best decision ever!


This is the last page!<3

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about me! If you want more check my 4th post on TikTok! It’s readcharl but on the 4th it will be getzeiler!<3