Changing lives one day at a time


Hey guys and welcome to my page! If you’ve found yourself here you probably already have a good idea as to what I do.
I am a graduate student working towards a Masters in Social Work who was finding that my dreams and goals for life were slipping away. Currently, I work as a Member Services Representative working for a mental health non-profit. The thought of working a standard 9-5 in an office in a position with little to no growth for the next 40 years is my personal version of the 9th circle of hell (extra points if you know which piece of literature I’m referencing). I was tired of sitting on the couch and wishing for the chance to travel the world and live comfortably, but hearing that little voice in my head saying “that could never happen for someone who has severe anxiety and depression.” Let’s pause right there. How can someone who has a constant stream of self-doubt and fear get the chance to live the life she wants? By taking charge and committing to finding a way to break the cycle and make something of herself. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? YES! (Trust me, that voice is still loud and clear. I’m just actively choosing to ignore it. And no, it’s not easy.)
I am an influencer. I educate people daily on naturally based hair care and skincare. I LOVE WHAT I DO EVERYDAY.
Aside from the wonderful hair and skin I am helping others take control of their lives and live out their dreams even when it seems impossible. (Hint: it is totally possible as long as you are willing to put the work in.)
Easy money does not exist. It’s not a reality. This is not going to be easy. This is going to take consistency. This is NOT a get rich quick model. However, it is simple work. Why not make money doing something you do every day?
I hope I can help to inspire you in some way.

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