Faith > Fear

‘Rooted and Established in Love’ Ephesians 3:17

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Here’s my story ~

I’m Gianna. Most call me Gii. Growing up I was always the quiet sweet girl. The one who never expressed herself and let her anxiety control the hell out of her. I’m proud to reflect on my past and see how much I’ve grown. Many who now know me see me as the outgoing joyful woman, always looking for the silver lining in situations!!

Being the baby of the family I spent many years with my grandmother baba. She always taught me about God and her love for Jesus. (RIP beautiful 10.30.19❤️) I grew up being very empathetic, and always felt for people. This was a blessing and a curse since I would feel so much! Throughout the years, i went through waves of anxiety and depression.. never truly knowing myself completely.

Yeah, I knew of God but I didn’t truly KNOW him. It wasn’t until I found my relationship with God that I found myself, and the feeling I was always searching for. That emptiness suddenly gotten taken over with purpose. He gave me such confidence in myself and lit a burning fire in my soul to help others around me!

I’ve became so humble throughout my journey of faith. I used to not know what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I wanted to live a life full of adventure, fun experiences, and be proud of myself. I still want this but The Lord has taught me so much more along that... it’s not only about ourselves but sharing with the community and helping each other.

I don’t view my faith as a religion or “being good” but rather a relationship with the creator of the universe and something that truly saved me from my anxiety and sadness. I still mess up all the time, we’re humans and no where near perfect. But we’re imperfectly perfect! I think my story can become someone else’s survival guide. I’ve become a social butterfly and I LOVE putting smiles on people’s faces.

I am currently attending school to become a massage therapist. I plan to own my own massage therapy business. Massage has always come naturally to me & I hope to use that gift to heal people with my hands! I am also very interested in the holistic wellness. I want to learn more about using all natural resources, instead of chemicals and other harmful ingredients. I believe God has provided us with all the natural resources we need on this earth.

Join me on my journey 🤗