Gift Thoughtfully - The Why Behind the Brand

Inspiring positivity and empowerment through Thoughtful Gifts

“The true value of a gift is the sentiment behind gifting”.
A gift holds meaning and becomes a keepsake. A way to remember a person, emotion or experience. My aim with my brand is to create gifts that inspire and empower. They empower you and those you gift to remember to be yourself, love yourself and believe in you even when others may not. Being an English teacher, I decided to combine my love of English Literature and drive to empower through my recent launch. My first collection of empowering, inspirational and elegant T Shirts in a minimalistic style.

My Top Picks

Thoughtful, aesthetic and empowering Gifts…

1 • Empowering T-Shirts

A minimalistic, aesthetic beige T Shirt with a relaxed fit and empowering quotes. Positive affirmations adorn these t shirts to empower you. Using the words said by Hagrid and Dumbledore, these T-Shirts serve to remind you to be yourself and never be ashamed. Made from 100% organic cotton and sustainably produced, GT’s aim is to contribute to encouraging biodiversity and a healthier more sustainable world. These T-Shirts are ethically produced in factories where the workers are consistently visited and taken care of.

Wear your mark of empowerment to inspire yourself and those around you.

2 • A5 Personalised Notebook

An A5 hardback notebook makes this notebook perfect to carry around all day as it is lightweight and will not get bent. The Kraft style makes it elegantly minimal and adds a warm aesthetic to your stationary collection. Personalise the notebook, with a name and initial, to claim it as yours, make sure it never gets lost, and is easily identifiable (because of how gorgeous it is 😉). A popular use for this notebook is to gift teachers or students who can never run out of places to jot things down in the rush of day to day life and never-ending deadlines!

3 • Personalised Bookmark

Losing the page you’re on? Ruining your book by folding the pages in the corner? Can’t see the next sentence you’re going to read? These ever so small problems take away from the joyful, relaxing reading experience. Having a bookmark that is aesthetically pleasing and personalised adds a personal touch that no regular bookmark will give you. However, why not experience a bookmark that also helps you never lose your page again, and even want to take your book out and indulge in a calming, easy to follow on reading moment? Personalise the bookmark with your name and any of the various colour options.

Empower yourself or those you gift with a bookmark with a quote on. Every time you open your book, before you even start reading, you read your quote, you remind yourself of your power, your strength and your worth.

You empower yourself before you read for inspiration.

Empowering You…

‘It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not’ - André Gide. Be Yourself, Always.