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Whats up? It’s The Conscious Influencer here!

After nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur, having made many (manymanymany) mistakes, my passion is to help other women entrepreneurs create their dream life and accomplish their big goals with more peace and less burnout. Working harder is NOT the way to success. Working smart IS. I teach my clients to intuitively pave their own path and tap into their full potential for a more joyful path to success.

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I’m also an iHeartRadio personality on air on Totally939, Rumba, and Mia 94.3.

I opened my first business, GiGi’s Academy in 2003 and I am honored to say we’ve been named Top 3 Dance Studios in our city for 3 consecutive years! I launched my second business, Seizing Happy, in 2018; dedicated to helping other women entrepreneurs create their dream life and accomplish their big goals with more peace and less burnout.

I’m an FIU alum with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology, and a Masters in Communications. I received my training as a Life Coach and a Certificate in Happiness Studies at the University of Miami.

I belong to my cocker spaniel, Lia the Pupp, and I’m engaged! Wedding planning is driving me nuts and I’m open to suggestions!



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Si hablas español te invito a que sintonices mi podcast De Todo Con GiGi donde en cada capítulo abordamos diferentes temas con expertos y celebridades. Está disponible en todas las plataformas de podcasts.


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