Gigi Abinader

Hi everyone! My name is Gigi Abinader, and I am a Music Industry major at Monmouth University. I have always been passionate about singing and music, but another one of my passions has always been hair care and skin care. Hair care and skin care have always been important to me, and when I saw the opportunity to work as a marketing partner for MONAT- I knew it was something I wanted to do! Everyone is beautiful in their own way- but I believe that everyone deserves to own amazing products to help enhance their beauty. Becoming a part of this business, you are giving people the opportunity to purchase luxury hair care and skin care products that they deserve- and you are making money doing this! Also, when you work for MONAT you are your OWN BOSS! You decide how you want to promote MONAT’s products, and when you want to work. This is a great way to make some extra cash, and as a college student, making some extra money is super helpful for me! Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it is! If you are interested in working with me, or purchasing products, visit my website:

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