The Gig World

where everyday people can make more and live more

Have you heard of the Gig Economy? 5 years ago very few people had a part time gig alongside their a main job. Over the last 5 years, accelerated by the global pandemic, 53 Million people in the US now have an extra source of income through some sort of a “gig”. That number is set to grow to 180 Million by 2030.

There are so many options to make a supplemental income. And so many different reasons people want or need that. So many different people from different backgrounds are looking for something. What we are doing may not be what you are looking for but you do have options and we talk about that in this video.

Check it out and get back to the person who shared this with you if you want to find out a bit more.

Brief Overview

The shift to gig work is the biggest thing to happen, to change the quality of people's lives, since women entered the workforce in the 1950s! Just like then, more women wanted to have their own money, and more families needed to bring in two incomes. Where we are now in this economy is, for a lot of people, two incomes is not enough either to live on or to afford you the life you want, and now people are picking up extra gigs that are available to anyone with a smartphone.

What's so interesting is that it doesn't matter about your age, your experience, your education, or how much money is already in your pocket. What matters is your desire or openness to use a technology that is already in your hands to be able to choose from all the different Gig opportunities that are out there.

Globally, almost 50% right now are taking advantage of some part of this gig phenomenon. That’s nearly one out of every two people are taking advantage of the phone that they have in their hand right now and making extra money. We have seen this type of disruption before… Netflix, Uber and Airbnb have all replaced or have significant market share over their traditional counterparts.

They're just thousands of good opportunities out there. They're everywhere and millions of people are getting involved every day. And for good reasons. It's fun, rewarding and it pays good money.

If this is something that perhaps you'd like to learn more about we would love to share with you what we've learned. I'll tell you, this shift to gig work is happening now and you will see more people find something that works for them. Why not check out the options and see if one is a fit for you? Get back with the person who thought highly enough of you to share this video with you to find out more.

The Gig Shift