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A Team GILI Initiative

From wallart to wall texture, from designer studios to posh cafes, TGI has been delivering with ease.

All kinds of wall texture, wall art, wall murals and interior designs.


Creation is our birth right. Arting life, arting humane.

This pictures are not enough to take a decision.

Visit these places, enjoy the vibe, enjoy the power of ART.

Cup Shup Cafe

This is a commercial wall work done by TGI (team GILI initiative) . Automobile is the theme of this project. Full of Cars and bikes arounds this cafe. The positive vibes are the main attraction of this cafe. Plz visit this place.



every year team GILI initiatives feels lucky to be allowed to participate in the program....
for the last consecutive three years we are delighted to serve the purpose.

It all started very casually when Neel from Balarko Theatre Group connected us regarding live art at their event.

In the first year we chose a very small space near Ranu Chhaya Mancha, and wished Happy New Year 2016 in our way of street painting.

In 2017 we were asked to increase our space of creation and then is the time that we decided to renovate the wall adjacent to the toilet in Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata premises. Till then the precise wall was just an alternative to the bathroom beside it. Whenever the bathroom was closed people used to urinate on the wall creating immense pests and bad odour.

Team GILI initiatives decided to rescue the wall and started its series "PEACE.LOVe"

Till today we have continued the series and have painted two more of the piece in different parts of the city.

In the same context we would also like to confirm that Kolkata has been really kind to the project and have supported us by not damaging the art even in time of HOLI.

Till date team GI LI initiatives have been in association with wonderful beings such as Raneek Ganguly Steve Ghosh, Swetasree Dey Swarnava Ganguli Sudipta Majumdar, ঈপ্সিতা সাহা, Reejula Ray and many more to continue.

Support us....

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Be with the change..

with love,

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Sound of Groovz cafe

This is a neon spray wall work done by TGI (team GILI initiative).
And there is also a portrait of Bob Marley and another wall mural


Here is the details plz visit this place.

Sound Of Groovz Cafe

11/2, Chakraberia N Rd, Rowland Row, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
086977 00857


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For a good living "COLOUR" is very important. If you are confused to choose colours for your life or business or dream project, inform us. We will be there with you.