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This Card can be used for lots of other purposes, like showcasing a blog post or a new video.hi m Jaspreet kaur . M recently reached Vancouver to complete my masters here from one of the recognized university British Columbia and also m doing same feild job in marketing sales representative. Actually I have so many qualities that many of my coworkers observed in me like good communication. Listening & analyzing every thing carefully .m also famous for my calm nature due to critical situations & maintaining patience to tackle with problems.

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Positive attitude


Hey, I always considering myself not only as a human being but I am thankful to god because I consider myself gud gifted not in any particular quality or beauty sense in fact I often possess positive emotions, wives to create a very advance or an innovative strategies. That’s why I like, love only myself so everyone should respect self esteem.
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Wonderful experience ! By visiting an Indian restaurant in Vancouver.

Once you should visit to get Indian food here in Canada 🇨🇦

As we all know food is something which always fascinates us by their different dishes real tastes no matter it’s a Chinese, Indian or any other country food,🥗🥙🧆🥘🍛🍲but it’s also irrefutably true that India is a rich country in it’s own way when it comes to food or cuisines. So that’s why I always missing my cultural dishes to taste ever & often go this restaurant in Vancouver with my freindz . 😊🍁