All about my health and wellness journey!

Are you ready to learn about my health and wellness journey? Here we go!

I have struggled with my weight and confidence for as long as I can remember! It's not a fun thing or feeling!

In high school I finally got to where I was happy with how I looked but that didn't last long. I got pregnant with my oldest and gained so much weight. Almost right after I had my oldest I got pregnant with TWINS! So there was no time to get that weight off. My oldest is now 18 and my twins are 17. After having them I didnt loose any of the weight.

I have tried everything that could be tried to lose the weight but I just gained it. I got pregnant again with my now 5 year old and weirdly enough I lost weight while I was pregnant with her. That of course didn't last long. Was very soon after I had her I gained it right back.

I tried some more things I had seen on TV or in the stores but still kept it on.

I kept watching an amazing person on Facebook posting about products she was using and how much it helped her. After about 2 years of just watching her I decided to take the leap and try these out. I entered a thing she was doing for a free trial. I got this 1 day sample in the mail and fell in love that day with life changing products!

I still contemplated for awhile and then I decided I was worth it and joined an amazing team!

I will never go without my health and wellness products again! They work!

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