"Hey Gine (short for Regine) how do you get those abs line with eating & stay so motivated to workout everyday? I am always not discipline so how do I lose weight without self torturing?" 😅

Does this sounds familiar to you? I used to be not discipline in my meals & skipping them most of the time (so called diet). It was a torture until I met this platform. By the way, I'm Regine here. 🐝

I am easily distracted by lack of confidence by the way I look & being pessimistic about it. If you feel like that you have clicked into the RIGHT page my love. 💕

So a lil story about myself,

I started my journey when I met my coach back in 2019 to just you know give it a try. Guess what!!! I've lost a total of 2.5kg & 2% body fat in just 10 days, not much but only 10 days. Isn't it impressive? My energy was highly boosted & I am a much happier person!

My goal isn't to impress people with my results but to help others as well to show you that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! ✨ I want to bring the community to be persistent & to be able to lift your confidence & spirit up.

For your information I don't skip my meals or having to eat green & steam food everyday. I still enjoy pastry & cakes as I enjoy having them when I'm in distress. Being in shape is not as difficult as you think you know.

When it comes to being in a platform, being with a bunch of FitFam who loves getting in shape comes together everything is made POSSIBLE! 😉

I love this mission & decided to be a coach to spread all positivity and make an impact to the people who are silent out there and to those who feel lose in what to do in the future. 🌏

Till now I have inspired 100 lives & some became coach themselves to pay it forward while earning a lil pocket money 💵 to relieve their family's burden or to save up for their future planning.

Trust me! We can do this together, take baby steps one day at a time because those are the steps that lead to a whole new different version of YOU! I'm counting on you to see a change.

Your future coach,

How does it work?


Make Over Project

We are super excited to launch our brand new Make Over Project! It is specially designed for you who is ready to TRANSFORM into your very best version of yourself.

For the past 9 years, every season we have transformed thousands and 89% of our weight loss participants LOSE about 2-4kg healthily in 10 days, without skipping meals, following fad diets or fasting.

By the end of the project, we will help you with a super model makeover, and welcome a brand new image of yourself!

This new you project includes:
⭐️ Personal meal plan crafted to your body type
⭐️ Professional magazine cover shot
⭐️ Fashion tips
⭐️ Skin care regime
⭐️ Workout

Options to upgrade your make over experience to enhance your new look at RM180, include:
✨ Professional make-up artist
✨ Professional hair stylist

Registration Fees RM250 per pax ONLY!

** T&C apply

What you get

Personalized Nutrition Program

One to one coaching

Snack ideas & daily tips

Be part of an amazing team

Build a career in changing people's lives by making the community healthier

We are Team WellnessXperts, our mission is changing people's lives and making the community healthier. We've been established for almost 15 years, with an experienced team of coaches providing healthy active lifestyle and nutrition support to our clients.

We are now opening our doors to welcome the right individuals to join our team. We are looking for the right fit, one who has a great attitude, right work ethics, heart to help others, and appreciate hard work.