Why I began...

Ginger & Lime Honey and Oatmeal Soap

Creating new and exciting sustainable products has been in my pipeline dream for sometime.

Sourcing and creating, testing and trialling, loads of errors and corrections. What works, what won't. My daughter suffers from Eczema and I had tried nearly every "store bought" item I could find. I kept some of my receipts and worked out I had spent in excess of $200 in a three month period. Insane right? What if I created my own receipe to not cure but help with the outbreaks.

Well here it is. Ginger&Lime very first batch of oatmeal and honey soap started right here in my modest kitchen. My daughter wasn't keen on me rubbing oatmeal on her skin so I created a bath soap that I threw in. Being that it was made from natural products right from my kitchen, it didn't matter if she ate it. Organic Honey, Oatmeal and some milk, well there is breakfast. 😆🙄

On a serious note, it calmed down the skin, left her less irritated and she smelt amazing.

My Journey Into Change

Going Low Tox doesn't have to be Expensive

Why Do you need to be different? Oh that's just a phase! Are you going hippy now? All phrases I've heard about my decision to start leading a low tox sustainable life. My answer is simple ( literally) it's cheap, makes me feel good and who doesn't want to be more friendly to the Earth?

My goal is to inspire, create and change the way we think regarding living a more sustainable lifestyle. From simple changes in the household, you too can give your family a healthier option. Going Low Tox doesn't have to be a budget breaker!

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