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Spiritual baddie who knows what’s up, she can be a little bit of a diva behind closed doors, but she’s a total sweetheart when you get to know her!

Known as ‘Gingerella’ on the socials, I go by Stéphanie in real time! I’m 22 yrs old, I love doing my own thing, wether it be creative interests or business! Going out with my friends (when the world would and will permit it..), pampering myself on the daily and caring for the real issues going on in the world!🌱🤝

What drives me in life is my sense of worth.
To me, it’s one of the most important things to realize in life. Feeling good in your mind, skin and soul is such a beautiful thing, I want everyone around me to feel that of their own! This is the main reason I work my business to be quite honest. I found beauty and appreciation for myself starting with a bottle of shampoo. Sounds silly right?? So simple but look where I am now! Being able to provide the same feeling and growth to my entourage is what I strive to do!

That being said, I love being my own boss and changing peoples lives, physically, mentally and financially! Perhaps you need pick me up like I did?

Curious about these clinically backed, award wining non toxic beauty products? Fill out my ‘Hair glow up’ or ‘Skin Is In’ questionnaires ➡️ Let’s get these products in your hands so you can see what all the hypes about. We have everything from haircare to skincare and soon to be in Canada, wellness!

Interested in that same opportunity I took!? Fill out my ‘Dreams to reality’ application in my Business opportunity page ➡️ let’s build you a life that you deserve all while helping people feel good about themselves!

I look forward to helping you💕

Stéphanie 💋



We roll out the red carpet for our VIP clients💎

✰ enough beauty products to last you 3-6 months if not more

✰ enough styling/treatment products to last you 5-10 months if not more

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✰ PRESCRIBED beauty routine includes skin care hair care & self care routines tailored just for you by me.

Your beauty bestie, Stéphanie 💋

Let’s get started today!

The beauty products I will recommend for you will never contain silicones, sulfates, parabens, harsh chemicals or fragrances. I learned firsthand the damage these common additives can do to your skin, hair and body. As your Beauty Bestie it’s my job to educate and do the research for my clients.


Hair Glow up en FRANÇAIS

Les produits de beauté que je vous recommanderai ne contiendront jamais de silicones, de sulfates, de parabènes, de produits chimiques agressifs ou de parfums. J'ai appris de première main les dommages que ces additifs courants peuvent causer à votre peau, vos cheveux et votre corps. En tant que ta ‘Beauty Bestie’, C’est de mon devoir d'éduquer et de faire la recherche pour mes clients.

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Plant based beauty is all you need for your lovely skin. Time to upgrade your routine and your confidence💋

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Skin is in FRANÇAIS

Des produits de beauté à base de plantes c’est tout ce dont ta jolie peau mérite!! C’est le temps de moderniser ta routine et amplifier ta confiance!!

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Here’s whats good!

Latest news, our number 1 and much more! Reach out to me for details and any questions! That’s what I’m here for!!!

What is MONAT

Our NEW recycling program! ♻️

Rejuveniqe Oil✨

NEW skin line for oily skin!

Men’s NEW skincare line


🧪Science behind our wellness line


Wim Hof method!

Here’s a technique I’d like to share with all of you!
I’ve been doing the cold showers for a few years now, having heard of the Wim Hof method before, but I’ve recently gotten alot more into it and incorporated the breathing method in my daily life! I feel so much better in my mind and body! Its amazing what the body is capable of doing!
So here’s a few videos you can navigate through, and hopefully you too will incorporate it in your routine! :)

Wim Hof, safety information!

Wim Hof breathing method demonstrated

Influencing the immune system

Connect with your body again

Daily Wim Hof breathing guided, 3 rounds