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Advise for girls in their not so fabulous years

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How to make it easier

Calming methods

You know that annoying person that just won't stop talking that really starts to get on your nerves we are here to help!

If you are tempted to yell or shout you can hold your last finger tight untill you feel a pulse and touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and breathe deeply! It is discrete and it will help calm your nerves! If you really want to, picture a place that you really love and hold that in your mind, it helps!

Hi, I know what it feels like to deal with that annoying person EVERY SINGLE
DAY!! Because I've been called ginger, ginge, pumpkin guts, and pumpkin head just because of my hair colour! I'm not even ginger anyway, I was so angry, but I learned that there just jealous and it doesn't matter what they say and to not let it get to me because that's what they want, and to only listen to the people close to me because that's what really matters.

You are enough!

If you are feeling down here are things to help

Girl! Sit down let's talk about something every single girl has worried about! Am I good enough. Well hell yes! You are special, cool and beautiful every single moment of every single day! If you are ever feeling that your not enough or I look so ugly! Repeat these acronyms in a mirror, I am strong, I am independent, I am beautiful, I am enough and no one will put me down.

And SHHHH secret talk now it is ok to feel embarrassed if you are an early bloomer no worries because all your friends are here for you! And you look absolutely outstanding! And if you have any worries talk to them!

And if you feel embarrassed about the changes happening to you, don't be! Because there is that one fact that every other girl around the world has gone through it or are going through it! And if you want you can wear baggy clothes,but really the best solution is to own it! You are you and that is amazing!!

How to deal with periods

Different types of pads tampons and painkillers to help!

Ok now... The big one PERIODS!!! I know it's cringe and really gross but! It is going to happen to you! Depending on genetics you will have a specific flow type heavy, light or medium! This depends on how much you bleed, now! This is nothing to worry about it doesn't hurt and you aren't going to die! It is once a month where you bleed out any waste your body doesn't use!

If you get it talk to your female family or friends - the female family would have gone through it and they would understand. If you are in school make sure you have a pad or a tampon ( but only use these after having a period for 6 months!). Also if you have cramps take only one pain killer and curl up with a hot water bottle and chill!


An awkward story to stand up, don't be afraid and to do what's best for you

Hi, recently I had the most stupid 2 days of my life. Someone I know asked a friend of theres to ask one of my best friends if I would go out with them (I know it's a bit of a mouthful) and I said no. I didn't want a boyfriend, but he just fineshed a charity event and my friends said "omg he would be so happy considering he just did something for charity" and that "he's a really nice guy" or "you'd be such a cute couple" I still said "NO" so one of my friends said "just for one week pleeaaaaasssseee" so I reluctantly agreed to it and said " fine but only for ONE WEEK" a few minutes later he got my phone number and we texted a little and what he said after made me feel worse "I'm sorry I'm not texting to much I'm a bit nervous" and that's how I felt like the worst person ever. By then it was time I needed to go to sleep and for a few seconds I thought it was a nightmare, did I mention I was sick to my stomach, the stress was building up in me I couldn't take it anymore I just burst out crying so I talked to my mum and dad and they said that it's ok, everyone goes through these things and to text him in the morning so that's what I did, I told him I thought of him as a friend, that I liked someone else, that I got peer pressured into doing this and I didn't want a boyfriend at the moment. He said it's alright and I felt like 1000 tonnes had been lifted of my shoulders. After this I talked to my friends and they said that they were sorry for pressureing me into doing this and the didn't mean to, so what I learned was that to stand up for myself, make my own decisions and to do what's best for me because it's not fair on the 2 main people involved because it gives the a really hard time.

We know it is embarrassing when they stare or admire you, we'll what you can do is stare the boy straight in the eye and smile. That will solve the problem!


We hope these tips help you because every girl needs a bit of help at times but you are amazing and stunning always remember that!

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