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Everything you’ve wanted to know about IP but have been too shy, or confused to ask.

Educational AND entertaining reading about intellectual property? That’s right folks. Don’t adjust your screens, that’s not a typo. You’ll find some good, non-legalese, IP reads, and hopefully some inspiration on our blog*. Here are some goodies to get you started.

*Our blog posts are here as a handy resource for general information only. Please don’t take it as legal gospel. For specific legal advice for your needs, wants and circumstances, please engage the services of a legal representative.

Trade Mark Loving Care (TLC): A guide to brand management

Hey brand owners. You've created your brand. You've even ticked trade mark protection off your to-do list. And now you're kicking back with some R&R - registration and relaxation. Don’t get too comfortable though. Because creating and registering a trade mark is one thing; brand management is another. This is where a little TLC, trade mark loving care, can go a long way. Here’s a guide to keeping your brand, and rights, nice and shiny.

Reality Bites: 5 common myths about IP

Stanley Kubrick helped fake the moon landing. Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen. You can cure a hangover by drinking more. They say never to let the truth get in the way of a good story. In this blog post, we bust some myths and misconceptions around IP.

Brand assets: How to identify these gems

Branding is valuable to any business. Big or small. New or old. Product or service. It’s also a really creative part of a business. Names, logos, colours, fonts, pretty websites and social media content – everyone loves the front of house stuff. But investment in intellectual property (IP) protection for these brand assets often takes a backseat, we’re talking the nosebleed section. Here’s a guide to help you identify different trade marks and brand assets within your business.

Don’t go breaking my mark

Let’s have a D&M about the things you should consider when choosing a name for your brand and business. These tips will help you choose a name that you’ll love but will also help you avoid potential heartbreak and headaches down the track.

DMY: Don’t Mess Yourself Dealing with a Cease and Desist (Part 1)

Good mail is a delivery from Net-A-Porter. Bad mail is a bill. Ugly mail is a cease and desist letter. And ugly mail tends to trigger two reactions: breaking out in cold sweats or losing your sh*t John Wick style. Here’s a general guide of what to do (and what NOT to do) if you receive a cease and desist letter.

Inventor-patent attorney relationship status: It’s Collaborative

Patent protection can be a complicated area of intellectual property (IP). But inventor and patent attorney relationships don’t have to be complicated. For any budding inventors and entrepreneurs playing at home, here’s some things to consider when engaging and working together with a patent attorney.

Owning It

Trade Mark Registration

Want to protect your brand name, logo, slogan, or any other brand asset? Take ownership of your valuable brand asset with a trade mark registration.

Whether you’ve got an existing brand, or looking to launch one — this is the online form for you.

Exam Anxiety

Help! I’ve received a trade mark exam report.

Have you filed a trade mark application and received an exam report? Don't panic! We can help you understand the issues and any next steps to progress your application.

Around The World

International Trade Mark Protection

Is your brand and business taking the world by storm? Share your brand plans for world domination with us here.