Passive Income Streams & Simple Wealth Creation

For Prosperity, Victory & Purpose

What if you could tap in to the trillion dollar forex market without actually knowing how to trade?

I grew my forex trade portfolio from USD$500 to USD$70000 in just 12 months, and I’ve never placed a trade myself!

That’s right, I let the pro’s trade for me.


I leverage a platform called CFX and doing so means that Pro Traders trade my money for me 5 days a week.

We’re currently seeing 22% per month returns.

CFX delivers what they say they will, the owners have a great vision for humanity and the company is self-sustainable.

Many many people are getting out of debt, and having a lot of money left over at the end of the month, some have given up their jobs and are well on the way to Wealth.

This is something different & something new.

This is true automation, true time freedom, true abundance.

Here is an example of our monthly trading returns…

👉🏻Leveraging the right technology with real Professional Forex Traders, Proprietary Software, and using winning proven strategies we get to share in the success

OCTOBER 2021 = 21.12%💚

Depending on what Trading and Academy package you choose, here are the Months Results

$300 = $44.35
$500 = $73.92
$1k = $147.84
$2k = $295.68
$3k = $443.52
$5k = $739.20
$7k = $1,034.88
$10k = $1,478.40
$15k = $2,217.60
$20k = $2,956.80
$30k = $4,435.20
$40k = $5,913.60
$50k = $7,392.00
$70k = $10,348.80
$100k = $14,784.00

**Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, no past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading**

What is Forex Trading

Find out what the foreign exchange market is & discover more about this trillion dollar a day industry

What is Forex?

A 22 Minute Overview

Understand the simplicity of CFX and dive deeper into the Forex market.

A 22 Minute Overview

Why We Chose CFX

Discover why we chose CFX, and believe me, we did our research.

Find out why we aligned with this real legacy company.

Why we chose CFX

A Very Honest Review

Doing your due diligence.

A Very Honest Review

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And enjoy the weekly trading returns that will you will start receiving within 72 hours of signing up.

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How To Get Started

1. Decide what pack to purchase
Please watch the video above before you get started.

2. How to Purchase your Academy & Trading Pack

You will purchase the Academy & Trading package with Bitcoin. It is not a Bitcoin product, the CFX amounts are in $USD, however, we do pay for the packages and get paid in Bitcoin (BTC).

Please note you can easily transfer the BTC into your own currency or into your bank as soon as you get paid your trading returns, CFX pays out weekly.

If you have not already, get yourself a bitcoin wallet. Ask your referee what they are using & do your research. Make sure the wallet works in the country of your bank.

*make sure you are FULLY VERIFIED before you can transfer BTC, the platform will accept your money but not let you send it until your verification process is complete

Find out about the various crypto wallets & in the last post, we love Feel free to reach out to me & we can discuss the wallet that is right for you.

3. How to get started with the FOREX Trading & legacy company that we represent, CFX.

Sign up using the link in “SIGN UP” post above.

Some good things to know...
* Please sign up with a gmail account. If you don’t have a address, please get one for this purpose and then you can forward your CFX emails from gmail to your usual account.
Gmail just works really well with the CFX emails and makes life so much easier.
* You must be 18 or over (accounts for children must be sponsored by an adult)
* You must be in a registered country & do not use a VPN if you are outside registered countries (at this stage USA & Canada are not registered)
* You must only have one account per person (if you register a business or company limited you cannot register an account twice as a business and individual)
* You can have 3 accounts per household
* The hash ID address you will receive to purchase your CFX academy & trading pack is for one time use. Every time you upgrade or renew, you will receive a new address.

4. Once you are signed up please deposit some money into your bitcoin account.

Take the time to watch the how to video on your decided crypto/BTC platform, and take it one step at a time.

Remember to allow for the withdraw fee, when you send BTC from your account to CFX the platform will take a few, check your fees so you know how much to add on.

If you cannot find this info on your platform do a quick search or check out the link below.

5. Purchase your CFX pack with BTC.

Make sure you double check the hash ID (and save it somewhere safe) when you send the BTC to CFX to pay for your package. Check the first and last 4 letters or numbers of the hash ID time every you make a transfer.
Please note, CFX will give you a new address to deposit the BTC in every time you make a transfer in the future if you choose to renew or upgrade (which you can also do with your CFX balance internally, once you start getting trading returns in your CFX account). So, this will be a one time address.
***Check and double check you are sending the right amount of BTC and the fee

Which Pack to Choose

Meet the Founders

Meet the founders of CFX & the trading team. These are the people that work together seamlessly Monday to Friday to bring us these consistent weekly trading returns

Meet the Founders

The Family Pack & 3x3 Plan

The family plan is designed for families to leverage Forex trading together & build a stable future and a passive income to build a legacy that will support future generations for years to come.

The Family Plan

A great summary & presentation

By our Director Tony Brown