About Girls Planet ZPT 💜

Girls Planet ZPT will be an alternative version of the Korean Survival Show "Girls Planet 999".
The show will be under @vivid.zent and there will be 64 girls competing to be a group under @vivid.zent called Kep1er. The fandom's name will be Planet Gaurdians.

We will add a google form for the watchers to vote their preffered 8 girls in a week and there will be 8 girls eliminated each round.
There will be a task for the girls each week and they will constantly be in diffrent and there will also be 3 main groups Rapping group,Vocals group and Dancing group, You can pick
which group you want to be in inside of the application.

groups through out the whole show which can resort to forever friends, besties and more. There will be 3 topics that will be judged by the mentors of the show. Vocals,Rapping and Dancing.
There will be 6 Mentors and 2 mentors for each topic. The Theme song will be O.O.O by the real Girls Planet 999 show.We will also have a discord server where we will give updates on the show.
There will be 9 Members for the Kep1er group so there will be 9 survivors from this show. This show is mainly managed by @luunaaa_zpt and @estellezpt, The managers of @vivid.zent.
You can always ask us questions at @girlsplanet.zpt on instagram. 💜💜

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More about girls planet ZPT. 💜

This will be an 8 week show and 8 people will be eliminated each week and 8 people will be members of the Kep1er zepeto version under @vivid.zent.
The first week will be an introduction week but nobody will be eliminated. And there will be a fan meeting for a whole week and nobody will be eliminated in that week aswell.

If these girls will get eliminated atleast they will have lots of fun and that is what we care about! 💜