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I am Akshuna, a travel filmmaker/photographer, writer and a hotelpreneur. I call myself and my IG as the 'Girl with travelling toes' as my toes don’t really stay at one place! They are either travelling around the world or travelling across the floor as I am a professional dancer and feel dance is the next best thing to wanderlust!

I have successfully consulted, launched and managed over 8 BnBs, hotels and home-stays in India and if you are planning to open yours, you know where to find me to get professional consultation before you decide to take the big leap! :)

My Instagram reflects my love for travel and I do a mix of travel, culture, lifestyle and fashion on my IG and believe in creating curated content which engages the viewer like an interesting tale.

I am a big supporter of solo female backpacking and have travelled solo to many countries across the globe! As a solo girl traveller, I travelled royally in a cockpit on a 9 hour flight from London to Delhi (don’t ask how!) got mugged in Paris but broke a tooth of the robber, got lost while trekking solo in Wales but luckily stayed alive and believe with all my heart that the Loch ness monster exists!

I was born a nomad and have been travelling since childhood, thanks to my father’s job in the armed forces. I spent many wonderful years of my life studying and working in my favourite city of the world London. I worked as a travel film maker and curator for many international cultural projects/festivals of tourism organisations and BBC. Since then, my love affair with travelling has continued and I have travelled to various countries and experienced their eclectic cultures.

Happy Exploring fellas!