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Free App and Software to Create Your Online Content

This page compiles all the app, software, and resources I found online to help me create YouTube videos, edit RAW photos, create this website or anything that helps me build my online brand for free!


Free Apps I used for online content creation


Milkshake is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to create a mobile website with templates that focuses on your content with a professional looking page.

It took me several hours to set up this website just because I was learning everything I can about the app and seeing all the ways you can tweak a card/page. Really happy with this and praying they don’t get bought out.


Mojo allows me to create reels, stories and shorts with photos I’ve taken. Really love this app and the free version is more than capable of creating simple portrait short clips for social media


Free Software I used for online content creation

DaVinci Resolve 17

DaVinci Resolve 17 is a free video editing software that allows you to add video effects, colour grading and sound design all in one software.

I have been using this since July 2021 and it has a steep learning curve but there are ALOT of YouTube tutorials and free video effects packages that will help you along. I think it’s worth learning it because it’s so powerful.

Raw Therapee

Raw Therapee is a free RAW editing software for a wide variety of cameras from different brand. My current camera is compatible with this software but I haven’t have a chance to actually do a deep dive but from the tutorials that I seen, it’s similar to DaVinci Resolve where it’s super powerful but require a steep learning curve.


Free Websites I used for online content creation

YouTube Audio Library

For background music, I have found free copyrighted music on YouTube’s Studio app. I think there’s other places in the Internet for free copyrighted music but I found it easy to just browse through the YouTube Studio app


Canva allows me to create my YouTube channel branding and thumbnails. I have also created my YouTube intro and outro for on this website.

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