The Power of Feminine Business

To create space, time and money for women to nourish and heal.

A woman’s energy is her most precious finite resource.

We often clutch to find it in brief snippets of the day.

Mistaking stress for energy.

Maintaining ’busy’ness as a template for success.

Mistaking space as place to fill.

Swirling in the stress grind.

That slowly changes ‘who she became’

What if one day she calls and says ’No more?’

She knows she needs space to heal, but when?

She knows she’s depleted, but how?

How can she heal without the money to do so?

Join myself and my business femmes Rosie & Rachel in a conversation about why we chose a feminine business model to claim back our time and energy to heal.

Let’s raise the standards for money in the hands of women; without betraying our body, needs and energy.

Let’s release the ‘work’ paradigm & move beyond the humble expectations we have as women earning income.

Wed 12noon AEST | 7pm PST

Does releasing the traditional work paradigm resonate for you?

If it’s a “YES” Message me for access and I look forward to seeing you.

Replay available.

G xx

Embodied Feminine Business

Create Wealth in Business Owning Your Feminine Power

The feminine embodied woman is creative, collaborative, intuitive, she enjoys pleasure, she knows what she desires.

She creates for the collective
She activates her vision
She creates change
She trusts her inner wisdom
She is channelled in business
She earns her true worth

The divine feminine does not FORCE OR PUSH she allows the flow and receives all that she desires.

As an Embodied Feminine Leader & Coach I teach you how to come home to your body, and create a business and life you LOVE with ease, flow, and grace.

When you know how to tap into your feminine power, and align with your healthy feminine & healthy masculine energies, you are magnetic, you attract all that you desire.

Building a business from this place, working in flow, and full alignment, is the new way of doing business and life.

Gone are the days of working ridiculous hours, going through the motions of work and life without any enjoyment, freedom or support.


I recently collaborated with women in my collective to lead a training and activation to support women like you, who want to build an income online. 

We are revolutionising the way we do business for women.

In this Feminine Embodied Business Masterclass , we will be sharing how you can run a 6-7 figure online business without BURN OUT.

Understand how balancing your healthy feminine and healthy masculine energies is the key to thriving in business and in life.

We teach you how to say “NO” to what does not serve you, and soul aligned “YES” to what does.

Learn how to have the courage and confidence to use your voice to ask for what it is you really want.

Learn how to listen to your intuition and your body when she speaks to you.

Discover yourself fully so you know what it is that truly lights you up.

Learn how to be so in tune with your feminine energy that you know what it is you need to honor yourself in that moment, and express your truth.

We empower you to step into your feminine power, activate your vision, own your worth and claim your sovereignty.

Work from FLOW not FORCE and build real wealth online.

If you would like to find out more about the movement and vehicle, I use to support women to do this, then I invite you to join our free Feminine Embodied Business Masterclass.

Register via the link below.