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Time to find that timeless piece of unconditional love,
Giving girl is a creation for the new you. Anything imaginable... your destination station for favorable trends.

Designer Apparel at a fraction of the cost!

Find Designer Shoes, dresses, overalls, cardigans, shirts, jackets, shorts, skirts, jewelry and more!

Trendy tokens and timeless pieces!

From books, suitcases, vinyl players, candles, perfume, trinkets, china and more... Your tummy will be a rumble in a jungle hungry for that next find!

A Child’s first impression!

We are sure to please your children with comfortable, fitted, clean clothes for many years to come! We have the trendiest items and love to find the best choice based on looks, performance and care!

Toys are our number one pleaser on our child’s shopping list. You all will be happy to look through our all age toys!

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destination station for favorable trends

Giving Girl


Well world! I’ll Tell you what were made of...

My mother and I have been planning a boutique for generations. Coming from a family of artists, my matriarch's showed me clothing was a way to express my personal style. I learned to seek out classic, tasteful, styles, mixing and matching classic designs with current designs, and I hope our next generation finds the same fun I have, creating their own style. Our goal is to follow our hearts, and our hearts tell us that designs are keepsakes, a form of art, in whatever form they may come. We believe on choosing trends which are well rounded; however can be unique to every individual, hoping in return you receive personal satisfaction and compliments from your friends and family. We strive to make your shopping surroundings a pleasant, positive and comfortable environment, in addition, knowing the treasure or gift you chose will please you, whether it be for your friends, family, or yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read our heartfelt best wishes for you and hope to see you soon!