Meet Your Lash Tech!

About me

Hi, I’m very please to start working with you! My name is Heather Tran, I’m 20 years old in February. I hope that I can make everyone’s visit pleasant and change your lash experience! :)


To help with your appointment, tell me what style you would like...

Classic, hybrid, light volume, dark volume and mega volume

Scroll through the styles to learn more about them ! Also, please keep in mind how many natural lashes you have. That’s why your sets won’t be the same as a different picture. Your natural lashes affect how full your set will be.


Very natural, one eyelash extension per natural eyelash. Depending on how many lashes you have, it could look full with a mascara effect. If you have less lashes, classic would not be best for you.


A combination between classic and volume. This set contains one eyelash extension to one natural eyelash as well as fans to one natural eyelash. Works best with those who want something fuller than classic, but not as full as volume.

Light Volume

A more natural volume, for those who are unsure about committing to dark volume.


A dark volume look that’s less full than a mega, similar to falsies.

Mega Volume

Very full and dark, big fans on the natural lash.

Now you know the different styles, we also need to find which shape will be best for your eyes!

Cat eye, open eye, and wispy

If there are any other styles you prefer, please let me know before your appointment!

Open Eye

Picture shown above is hybrid. Very popular, short on the outer and inner corner and longer in the middle. Suits eyes that are small to appear larger, hence, “open” eye.

Cat Eye

Picture shown is hybrid. A sultry look, starts short in the inner corners and gets longer at the ends. Does not work best with naturally small eyes.

Wispy Open Eye

Picture shown is volume. Wispy can be cat eye or open eye, adding some spikes to your set can make it wispy.

Wispy Cat Eye

Small spikes, a wispy take on cat eyes for those who love the long to short but want to add a little bit of ✨spice✨

Time to book an appointment!

$20 deposit on venmo (heatherstran) or zelle ( will be needed. You will get two confirmation texts prior to your appointment. I will send the address the night before your appointment. If you have any questions, dm me.

Click “book now” on my Instagram profile to get started!

My availability will be on here. So even if you’re not booking right now, you can always check to see when I’m available.

Click “Book an Appointment”

It will always say it is closed, that does not mean I am unavailable. Please continue if you are booking.

Now select the service

If you are coming in for a new set, keep in mind you can change your service so when you come to your appointment. For example, “Heather” scheduled for a hybrid. The day of her appointment, she decides to get volume instead. Keep in mind this is prior to the session and not during

Pick a date & time

My schedule is updated weekly due to my first job. Please be patient and do not ask if I have an availability next week. If it’s not on the calendar, I don’t have it yet. If you are making an appointment 2+ weeks ahead. Let me know, I will be able to make it happen.