About Me!

I let go of struggles and have faith 🙏

I’m young, I’m wild, but I’m a bit insecure....

My journey began a few months ago as I began to lose confidence as my scalp psoriasis got worse. My scalp became dry and in turn so did the strands of my hair. My hair has been my security blanket. But what could I have done to fix my hair concerns and to get back my confidence...and then came along Monat.

I followed a few girls who began their journey with Monat and thought why not try it out for myself. I then realized, that Monat would be the community I needed to gain back my confidence as well as naturally based products my hair needed.

A few months later, I’ve managed to tackle my psoriasis, join a community that helps boost your confidence and ensure you rise to the top, all while earning an income.

I don’t know where this is going to take me. But I’m going to try my best to continue to rise. Whether I decide to obtain another job, I’ll always keep this as my side hustle.

I’m young now! I’m going to keep myself busy, maintaining fabulous hair and scalp health connect with strong individuals and make the money I need to start my journey into financial freedom.

Whose joining me?