Global Pro Wrestling Rules and Regulations

Here are The Rules for the League

We are GPW! GPW has been around for 3 years and we've adapted every single 2K that has come out. 2K20 is the only game we couldn't adapt and overcome, now we are back on 2K19 with new Rules and Regulations. Welcome to the New Era of Global Pro!

Global Pro Wrestling Rules and Regulations 


Tuesday Night Riot, Thursday Night Danger Zone, Wednesday Night X Factor. Due to Limit Activity, Danger Zone, Riot, X Factor are cross branded. There are No Wednesday Shows till further notice. 


Universal Championship, International Championship, Interstate Championship, The Royal Championship, Rising Star Championship, X Factor Championship,  Tag Team Championship

Titles are Cross Branded

You are open to do a Open Challenge on the next show if you're champion. Just let Management know

You are Given a Rematch Clause after you lose your title. You have 90 Days (3 Months) to notify Management you wanna invoke it.

You will have opportunities. Just because you never been Champion, doesn't mean you haven't received an opportunity. 

The Hardcore Championship and The KO Chamber Title are on Hold Due to Lack of Activity with the Title.

Gameplay Restrictions 

You may not bump your opponent on purpose and hit your finisher.

There is No Spamming in This League. You Can Repeatedly Use the Same Move 3 Times. When Combo Striking you must strike (Press Square) 3 Times. For an Example: Press square 3 times you will do a Three Strike Combo. Pressing square a 4th time to do another strike move will be considered spamming. Why? Cause you press square repeatedly 4 times. Switch up Your Striking 

You May Not Sit Up Your Opponents in Tag Matches.

You May Not Break Any Moves (Especially Finishers) if you accidentally break up a move, back up to indicate it as an accident. 

You may not spam pins. Double pinning is allowed.

No Signature or Regular Submissions, Only Finishers 

Overall Cap is 96. 90-96 is Fine. NO 100 OVERALLS. Duplicate your star to meet the Overall Requirement.

You May Not Charge Attack Your Opponent After Stomping Them. Both must BACK UP. If they charge you after they reverse … by all means…. Go Ham 👏🏾 BUT it must be Proof that this rule was repeatedly broken.

You Must Post Your Results on The Page, if Not It Will Result into a Voided Match and a Lost to Both Parties!

Limited Restrictions

Clean Ring In: You can PURPOSELY roll out or leave the ring to be outside 3 TIMES ONLY. Within those clean ring in, your Opponent must be on the opposite side of the corner letting you back in the ring. After those 3 Clean Ring in, Your Opponent has the ability to attack you when you come in

The Catching RKO Finisher: You Cannot Irish Whip your opponent and back up to catch him with a Catching RKO. This move is acceptable if you caught your opponent from diving.

Double Teaming is allowed, but don't abuse it. Be Realistic! Double teaming to get your Opponent hurt a bit and go back into fighting regularly. If you are caught double teaming for no reason or repeatedly. There will be consequences. 

Restricted Moves/Banned Moves/Zero Tolerance With Moves (More Moves Will Be Updated and Changed)

Neckbreaker 8

Leg Sweeps are Allow, but if your Opponent Reverses it. YOU MAY NOT attack off the leg sweep again

Spear 11 Must Only Be Used as a Signature or Finisher!

Sister Abigail (Corner Move)

Skull Tap

Victory Roll 3 (Roll Up Pin)

Tag Team Matches

You can break up pins and submissions.

The illegal man can attack each other. You are not allowed to abuse the power to fight the illegal contestant

Stay in your Corner!

The Legal Man can hit the illegal man to gain an opportunity to win. 

The illegal man can break a pin/submission he also has only one opportunity to attack the legal opponent. 

Normal Tag Matches Only!!! YOU MUST GIVE CLEAN RING IN

Non Normal Tag Matches, NO clean ring in rule apply.

You May Not Sit Up Your Opponents in Tag Matches.

Multimen Matches 

No Clean Ring In Rules 

Follow All Gameplay and Limited Restrictions 

Group Chat

We have one of the most toxic chats ever! But we as Management makes sure the chat doesn't go off script and off game related.  No family talk, No Discrimination of Any Kind, No Direct Racist Comments to offend anyone. Once Management feels the chaos has gone long enough we have a right to Remove you from the chat until both parties cool down.

Be Sure to Know, EVERYTHING IN THIS CHAT IS JOKES. If Management did not get on the star for his actions, then stick up for yourself and joke back. We are all a family. 

If you ever feel you need a break from a chat. Mute it. If you wanna leave for a bit. Please talk to Management Members and explain your reasons. Hopefully we can come to an understanding. 

Management Members:

Dion Davis

Marcos Adrian Hanks

Davondrick Shelton 

Dylan Huff

Jeremy Joseph 

Travis Smith (Problem Solving Commander)

Tyrees Amos (Mediator)


We don't restrict stars to have rivalries with each other. We just ask if you decided to have a rivalry.  Please tell your Management Members so we can book you accordingly to your story.

Rivalries Lasts Until The Story is Completed. 

Championship Match Rivalries- we commend the champions to Hype the rivalry for the show or ppv. Challengers have the option to Hype up their opportunity. 

If you want a certain Segment or Match on a Show or PPV please ask Management. 


PPV Shows

Go Big or Go Home

Immortal Rumble
Immortal Crossroads
Destiny Roads
Retribution Reckoning
Prison Cell
Fight Night
Brand Warfare
Highway to Hell
Gauntlet Fusion
Judgement Day

Special Events Shows
Battle of Champions
Best in the World Tournament

GPW Universal Champion: Max Davis

GPW Interstate Champion: CJ King

GPW International Champion: Vacant

GPW Tag Team Champions: Broken Godz

GPW X Factor Champion: KOOS

GPW Rising Star Champion: Vacant

The Royal Champion: RetroKing

Mr Destiny Roads Briefcase Holder: Hype Beast

PPV Card

GPW Presents: Immortal Crossroads
A Night Against Revolution PPV
August 30th, 2020

Welcome to the Biggest Pay Per View of the summer! This night is special. it's a Night Agaisnt Revolution! We have big matches tonight, we are entering a new era. Who is walking out Crossroads on top?

X Factor Championship Match
Chris Austin vs KOOS

*The Eulogy of Dion*

Rising Star Championship Match
Krom vs Jack Adams

Match Will Consist of KO's, PinFall, Submission, NO DQ Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere!
Hardcore Championship Match
Warkid vs Lebron Matt

*The Return*

One Last Battle, Winner Must Leave GPW…..FOR GOOD!
Interstate Championship Match
CJ King vs Zack Knight

Tag Team Championship Match
60 Minutes Iron Man INSIDE Hell in a Cell Match
Revolution vs Broken Godz

The Royal Championship Match
Adrian Brooks vs RetroKing

The Battle of HELL!!
Nightmare vs "The Dark Lord" Lucifer Morningstar

Winner Faces The Royal Champion for the Title
Justin Justice vs Mr Destiny Roads Hype Beast

*International Champion Omega Wolf Promo*

Ambulance Match
Must Pin AT the Top Of The Stage aka The Ambulance (Cred. Santonio)
Max Davis vs Toni Loco

Winners Are The Contenders For the Tag Team Championship
Spades of Anarchy vs End of Dayz

Savage First Match Back
Savage vs Havana

GPW Universal Championship Match
Barron High vs Max Davis