My Top 10 Photography

Most of my followers love

This are my Top ten of my followers favorites portraits

Portrait 1

When the models and I was walking by south street seaport NY we found a guitar. I decided to have the models picture together making seem like a cd cover.

Portrait 2

With this portrait I had an idea of showing true love. This portrait was than at Central Park NY when I was attending a photographer meet up.

Portrait 3

I love this portrait I honestly think it’s one of my best one also does my fans. Now this portrait was taken in soho NY I was attending a Dopeports photography meetup. I had the chance to have the two models shoot inside of a Starbucks.

Portrait 4

I took this portrait in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY. Since I seen a photographer and model that are best friends I wanted to incorporate it in the picture.

Portrait 5

This young teenager wanted to look amazing for her high school yearbook. We went to downtown Manhattan because I knew that in the area would have been sunny and would have looked amazing.

Portrait 6

This model wanted some urban portraits. Now I’m not so good with urban looks but she loved the look and location. This was taken in Jamestown, NY in a little bodega.

Portrait 7

I needed a fall theme in my portrait collection so I had this model shoot in the upper east side NY townhouses. This townhouse is famous for having the best Halloween decorations in the city.

Portrait 8

My first time shooting with models was nerve-racking. I was new to portraits and how to use my dslr camera. This portrait was taken in Dumbo Brooklyn, NY. I had fun and was willing to shoot again.

Portrait 9

This portrait was taken in Coney Island Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to show this model bubble side. I had her sit inside of photo booth and poop a gum so show was a fun girly person.

Portrait 10

I wanted to show in this portrait how beautiful on the side the houses in NYU is. I had the models sit on the floor because it show a nice blur to the background.