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About Me

What Made Me Say Yes !!!

So here is an introduction to me and my family

I am 26 years old a full time stay at home mum for my toddler Frankie and we are expecting baby no 2 which we found out on the 10th July 2021 is going to be our second little boy && after getting pregnant for the second time I have decided that being at home full time with my little man and his brother/sister is best for us whilst daddy is working

But why did that mean that I couldnt work still ?? Well it doesn’t because not many jobs are you able to work from home nowadays so when I heard about this opportunity I thought OMG I can’t let this go by !!

I had a lot of people tell me how amazing working from home and doing something I love was and never took the leap .... I am now making an income from my phone, building my own business and have the opportunity to do it full time whilst being able to stay at home with my little boy and being able to watch him hit all his MILESTONES. This business has given me the chance to make life long friendships and become financially stable. My goal is now to help more lovely ladies to take the same leap of faith that I did and earn an income promoting a healthy lifestyle and help them to build the life style of their DREAMS !!

If this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss or you want achieve your health goals then look no further !!


In My Own Words

In My Own Words ……..

So I’m gonna explain a little about why make up was so much of a necessity before now

I was bullied so much at school and that brought out a lot of insecurities for me that I struggled to let go and it wasn’t just the normal outcast bullying it was more about my appearance and how I didn’t wear a lot of make up. Once I left school I used make up to cover myself up and to gain a bit of confidence to the point where I would only be going 5 minutes to the shop and would have to do a full face of make up because I didn’t want to be judged by others in such a negative way again

Make up has been a necessity for the last 10 years if not longer and it has left my skin in such a bad way because it wasn’t just a small amount it started off with me really ‘Caking’ it on as they say and then as I’ve got older I’ve become aware that I need to wear make up suited for my own skin type which meant still wearing it every single day and not putting up or taking any pictures without my make up AT ALL

Fast forward to now I actually feel confident to go out without make up and love my skin again because that’s part of who I am and GlowB skincare has helped me hate the skin I’m in to loving it again and now I have no shame wearing no make up and posting pictures without make up in because I feel confident and I love it !!

My past tried to tell me that feeling good in my own skin wasn’t good enough but not anymore!!

Skin Care

Love The Skin Your In

Love on yourself, love on your friends, love on strangers.... We are the most incredible collection that will transform not only how you feel about skincare yet how you LOVE yourself. Each of us have been designed with you in mind, to help you shine like the queen you are and to help you sparkle and damn well GLOW each and every day. Bundle includes: hyaluronic+chill, glow hero, glisten up, freaky clean, not another pink mask.

- made for all skin types
- peta approved
- rated 0 on the app think dirty
- vegan
- non toxic


Free To Join

This is an AMAZING opportunity that gives you the benefit of working from home and building relationships. There are no stock holdings or deliveries we only recommend the products that we feel are best suited for a customers goals and then use customers results.

It’s the perfect little earner and you can put in as much time as you want NO OBLIGATIONS and no compulsory work hours.

So if you are somebody that has decided they want more or are sick of your 9-5 job.
You want MORE time MORE money MORE friendships MORE fun MORE freedom MORE confidence I will be there to support and teach you on how to earn an extra income using all your social media platforms whilst getting the ultimate skin glow and being able to help others do the same !!

Contact me:

Instagram: @georgieemichellelidiard

Georgiee’s Instagram

Freaky Clean

Nice to meet you, I'm freaky clean, your saviour, first thing in the morning and the start of your night routine. I'm here to help you say goodbye to dirt, the days' makeup and rumour has it toxic friends too I refresh and cool the skin, helping you reduce dryness and moisturise. I'm going to help you improve and even out skin complexion and after using me your skin is going to feel so soft and nourished.

Not Another Pink Mask !!

I get it. A mask. I know. You think you've met me before. Yet nobody comes close to what I bring to the table. I am truly one of a kind and you better believe babe whilst others try to imitate, they aint got nothing on me. When we meet, I will become your go-to before any big night out, the one you turn to on a chilled weekend and who is there for you when you just want to run and hide. Im here to bring your sparkle back, rejuvenate, soothe, hydrate and refresh. I'll help you reverse all those days sat in the sun and I'm packed full of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Glisten Up

If you haven't met me yet, then I promise you, you are about to ask where I have been all your life. Maybe you've dated other mists in the past yet it's time to settle down and I promise you babe, I'm worth it. Just like you are. Im the burst of hydration throughout the day leaving you feeling ever so silky soft and reducing signs of dryness. Packed with anti-aging ingredients so we both shine for years to come!

hyaluronic + chill

You can see me when you first wake up or just before you go to bed, I am the cheekiest of the products yet whilst I look the cutest, you better believe I pack the hardest punch. Some call me silk on skin as I soak in so effortlessly and my job is to protect you from sunlight, pollution, toxins, and even bad relationships. Im anti-ageing, full of healing properties and a burst of hydration. Sis, I’m about to be your new favourite way to love on yourself!

Glow Hero

I am glow hero. Your ride or die through life. Literally. Use me at the end of your skin routine, morning and night, on the ends of your hair, as a cuticle oil, in your bath (babe, TRUST us), and for the morning after the night before glow, drown yourself in me before bed. Full of vitamins, minerals, and Omegas 5,6 and 9, I am the one you probably never knew you needed yet you just can't live without.

Beauty Queen

Babe, I’ve got your back! When you want to feel glowy AF and own each day feeling that you are worth it, I am your new BFF. Everything your skin can possibly need. Sis, we’ve got you covered. I was designed by expert nutritional biochemists exclusively for glowb to provide the very best ingredients. Comprising of easy to absorb botanicals, vitamins, and minerals you better believe I'm packed full of nutrients and powerful plant compounds.

She’s Got Guts

They say she’s got guts. You better believe that’s the truth.

Girl, you need to know this first. I am the foundation of wellness. I’m here to love on your body from the inside. I’m bold, I’m brave & I’m bursting with goodness to support your digestive system daily.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, botanicals, probiotics and enzymes, I am combined to help your digestive system function normally. I will feed your gut healthy bacteria, & support the function of your metabolism, all with love.

You heard it here first honey, I really do have guts, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Formulated by Glowb’s nutritional biochemists, She’s got guts contains the main digestive enzymes with calcium to support their function. It also maintains the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.