Facial Services

For more info, feel free to DM @glowbyaika.co or email [email protected] I’d love to recommend you a facial that works for you! 🤍

Mini Facial

Perfect trio: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.

Have an event coming up real soon, and need a quick professional facial? You’re a busy gal and need just a glow-to-go? This is for you.

Ideal for any skin type. Professional medical grade , plant based products used will be customized to your skin needs.


Signature Facial

"The works" that works for you.

Treatment includes double cleansing, face steaming, organic scrub, ultra sonic scrub extraction, clarifying / gentle enzyme mask, ice globes, and hydrating gua sha massage.

Ideal for any skin type. Products will be customized based on your skin needs.


Detox Facial

Allow your skin to be purified and deeply cleansed. Treatment includes double cleansing, facial steaming, gentle enzyme cleansing mask/clarifying mask, ultrasonic scrubber, hydrojelly , jade roll /ice globes, high frequency treatment, and oxygen infusion.

Ideal for oily skin and acne/blemish prone and teenagers.


Rejuvenate Facial

A complété oxygen infused treatment. Treatment includes double cleansing , facial steaming, organic scrub , oxygen deep pore cleansing, ultrasonic scrubbing, hydrating gua sha massage, hydrojelly face mask, ice globes, microcurrent, high frequency treatment, and oxygen infusion.

Ideal for anyone as preventative aging treatment . Ideal for particularly dry/dull skin,mature age, fine lines and sun damage.


Quench Facial

Hydrate your thirsty skin with this treatment. Treatment includes cleansing , facial steaming, gentle enzyme cleansing, ultra sonic scrubbing,hydrating gua massage, hydrojelly mask , and oxygen infusion.

Ideal for anyone, particularly extra dry/dull skin and mature skin.


Zen Facial

Experience a relaxing and meditative facial. Treatment includes grounding meditation, hair stimulation, crystal healing, burning sage, face cleansing, gentle enzyme face cleansing , ultrasonic scrubber , facial steaming, organic face scrub, gua sha lymphatic massage, high frequency treatment / micro current treatment (pending on skin’s needs), oxygen infusion,and customized facial with hydrojelly.

Idéal for all skin. Recommended for those who are undergoing stress and need to experience a detox for your skin,soul and mind.


Customized Facial

Not sure what to get? Wanting something curated just for you? Customized facial from Glow by Aika pending on your skin’s needs, inquire today!

Inquire for cost 🏷

Skincare Consultation

Looking to start a new skincare regime? Glow by Aika can help you out to target your skin goals 💯


Looking to add more to your treatment? See below for some cool stuff ✨

Hydrojelly Mask - $10
High Frequency Treatment - $10
Ice Globes / Gua sha/ Rose quartz Roller/ - $8
Jade eye mask -$5
Crystal healing - $5
Oxygen Infusion - $15
Gold Collagen Under Eye Mask - $3
Gold Collagen Lip Mask - Coming Soon
Lip treatment-Coming Soon

Specialized Services

Diamond Microdermabrasion Special

This treatment helps with smoother, brighter skin, pigmentations, fine lines, acne scars & help refine pores.

Help to also declog pores, especially for those with mild acne, whiteheads and blackheads.

Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, smoothing serums, and gold face mask for extra hydration post microdermabrasion.

Ideal for: Mature skin and acne-prone skin (note: must not have inflamed acne currently with this treatment)




At Glow by Aika, we believe in the importance of glowing inside to be able to glow outside! ✨ A complete holistic approach for your skin health —a glowing mind, skin, and soul.

We offer plant based products with our clients.

1) Coccoon Apothercary
2) Wild Jasmine Apothecary

Interested in knowing more about our local products we carry and use? DM us at @glowbyaika.co , or email us today at [email protected] and we’d love to chat with you about these products.🌿🌿

2)Glymed Plus

Glow by Aika is a glymed plus specialist. Interested in starting a skincare routine? DM us @glowbyaika.co or email us today.

Ready to order your glymed products refill? DM @glowbyaika.co or visit our online glymed shop link below.