I’m Giselle❤️ Owner of Glow Beauty

The life of being an entrepreneur ❤️

My name is Giselle, I’m 41 years old, a mother of 3 amazing kids, and a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband. I was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in NY, and now living in Florida since 2006. I launched Glow beauty in 2018 with one goal in mind: feeling confident about your appearance. I believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look. I was very insecure and with the help of the beauty industry, I was able to gain my confidence back. I launched my very own Raw Indian hair extensions line and later launched my own Organic hair care line. In addition, I now have my own organic skincare line and I recently opened a small studio offering beauty treatments.

I’m not going to sugarcoat the reality behind what it is to start a business because trust and believe me when I say it is the hardest thing EVER!! There are good days and bad days. Being mentally exhausted and stressed half of the time is an understatement. My anxiety at 100%, relationship disagreements at 90%.
Realizing that you know so many people, have so many friends and family but yet you don’t see the support. They prefer to pay big companies instead of supporting small and or local businesses. You invest so much in good quality ingredients, products and yet it’s so hard to make a sale. Many days I question myself and cried in bed without letting anyone see me
because I’m scared someone will say “I told you so”. I had to practice self-care because my mental health was all over the place. There were days I didn’t want to get up from bed because I felt nothing was going as I had vision. Today I can say I’m not where I want to be but I’m much closer than yesterday and I won’t give up!

This is just a bit of what happens behind the scenes when you trying to be an entrepreneur. We don’t talk about the growing pains of starting a business in social media but I think we should. We should all vent and speak up to be able to help someone else with dreams and have them understand that IT WILL BE OK! It’s hard for sure but this is what I dreamed of! I will continue to learn, grow and remain POSITIVE!

I’m proud to say that I have always supported small and local businesses way before I launched my business, I continue to do so. For this, I am at peace that I have helped someone provide for their family instead of making the rich- richer!

Glow is the symbol of every beautiful, elegant, and most importantly confident woman! My ultimate goal is to make you happy! It will be a pleasure to meet you- get in touch today!

Thank you to all my supporters and followers!