All about Glowinqmonday

The beginning

It all started on a snowy Monday afternoon, I was very bored and couldn’t think of something to do.
I had seen a lot of small businesses on tiktok and wanted to make my own! I decided to sell my digital art and make people profile pictures or logos! The thing was I didn’t have a card so people could pay as I am only 13 and we cannot go out and get one because the bank is closed! I realised the only payment method would be robux! I accept gift cards and robux from a group! Dm me on instagram for more information or a custom!


Each of my products are hand drawn with love! I do not use a stylus! I take time in drawing your loved ones or whatever you request 🥰 Here are my products and prices :)

- Custom ⚡️ Send my a dm with the photo you would like me to draw! Customs are different prices!
( People - £5 roblox gift card / 300 robux )
( Quote that you choose - £5 roblox gift card / 50 robux )

- Quote or Affirmation ⚡️ £5 roblox gift card / 50 robux

- Art (Selection on my Instagram) ⚡️ £5 robux gift card / different prices for each see insta for more info 🥰

Extra Information

- My roblox is scqrls and my instagram is linked on my tiktok! ⚡️
- Each order comes with a thank you card that I will dm you with your order :)
- I am saving this robux to make my younger sister Alyssia a bloxburg house!
- For people who do not have roblox but would like to make a purchase you can dm me a picture of the gift card code and I will need to test it first and then make your art once I know you are legit! 🥰