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HEY Beautiful! My name is Georgia, I’m from Sydney, Australia. I LOVE all things fashion, fun, mindset and self development. I live all my days how I WANT TO!!

As a full time employee I felt like I was being overworked & underpaid for a job I don’t love. There was a burning passion missing inside me and trying to continue became extremely difficult... so I decided I wanted MORE! After much contemplation, I started my business Glow with G and have never been HAPPIER! ✨

When the opportunity was presented to me about working ONLINE, I was very sceptical & waiting 9 months before taking the leap. With 0 followers, no experience in the industry and a HUNGER to see where this opportunity could take me! Now, I am part of an incredible community, making 8 streams of INCOME through my business and have time & financial FREEDOM... all from my social media!

If you want to JOIN the GLOW Squad and have your life changed... lets chat! 🥰 I am here to help you every step of the way and mentor you to creating your dream life! I have all the resources and information to help you build your EMPIRE through your social media!

Check out my links for more information on what I do & how I can help you transform your life ✨