I’m So Happy You’re Here !!

Hi ! I’m Tanya Recksiedler

Let’s start by getting to know each other !
My name is Tanya Recksiedler mama of 4 + married to my supportive husband !
I Left my job after my maternity leave,
I was not looking forward in returning to a job I was not happy with, also It broke my heart of the idea of not spending all day everyday with my 1.5 year old son anymore if I had to return to work. (I was also 6 months pregnant at this time! - ya I know! We got our hands full)
When I found my mentor - who is by the way ranked as top #1 in Canada. I fell in love with the products + the idea behind it. But of course, like anyone else I was skeptical + contemplating whether I should join this business. Fast forward to Summer 2021 I thought I had nothing else to lose + joined the company! I do not regret it !
I am now a artist with Seint Beauty + am loving every second of my job - where I can work from home + be with my children. And also a company who values me + my team!

With my passion of makeup I love sharing all my beauty tips and tricks!
My hope is that I can help simplify a makeup routine & bringing out that GLOW !

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How it works

Are you wanting to start making money doing your makeup ? All from home?!
It’s really simple, no strings attached! In the short time I have been an artist I have already surpassed my 8-4, QUIT. all working at home with my 2 babies on my hip & my 9 + 12 year old by my side. Now I get to share everything I’ve learned with people like you!

-20%-40% commission on EVERY sale
- no minimum sales requirements
- One on one mentorship with me
- Trainings from Top Leaders
- 24/7 Colour match help
- 5 paydays a month !!!
- no makeup experience required
- no inventory or auto ships