ᴵᵗ’ˢ ɴᴜʀSᴇ 𝚃𝚛𝚒𝚜𝚑

Glowwwing skin is from within ❤️ ✨

Patient advocate. Believer of self-love, self-care and being the best version of myself. I started skincare 16 yrs ago when back then the trend was if I peel and my skin was raw and painful, it means the prods are working well. I got lured into skincare again during my medical leave from an auto-immune disease in 2019 and started learning more that skincare is just more than using the products. It is actually taking care and loving YOUrself.

This account started during Covid after my 46th bday, the first lockdown in LA. People started WFH and since we are unable to go out, we started to appreciate that our skin was able to breathe not having to wear make up everyday.

My challenge started when I began developing maskne (acne through masks) This was the time when I paid more attention to my skin issues. And all the nurses were experiencing the struggle as we were asked to wear masks whatever the hospital provide us with.

I started with different kinds of routine. I watched vids, read books and joined the skincare community on Insta. I learned so much along the way. The support was unreal. I Iearned how to fix the minor skin issues that come my way. I was greatly inspired by Susan Yara and Hyram with all their educational vids they post on YT. I got obsessed in treating my skin conditions as they arise.

My co workers started noticing my love for skincare and how much my skin has improved. I brought my products to work and gave them samples since the stores were closed during those times. And the rest is history.

The only thing I ask them if they ask for advice is if they can commit to wearing sunscreen everyday, if they say NO, the convo ends there.

I worked with renowned dermatologists in the past and I have a little bit of background esp that we dealt a lot with skin cancers, MOHS, lasers and other cosmetic procedures at the time.

Though skincare and beauty has evolved over the years, one thing for sure has not changed. And that the sun is still our skin’s worst enemy. I want to look back when I turn 65 and say, I’m glad I did the right thing early on.

Tho I accept some PRs, 96% of my products were purely purchased by me and if through these products, I’d be able to share how to achieve a healthy, glowing skin, I’m all in 🙌🏽✨!