About Glue x Nails

Handmade Luxurious Press On Gel Nails

Glue x Nails dedicates nails to girls and boys with a good, luxurious taste. Our customer always comes first so we are here to help you choose the perfect nail set for you, whether it is one of our designs or a custom order that fits your style. You can find more info about custom orders in FAQ.

Our nails are made by certified nail tech, so you get the best quality. Nails are sturdy and durable due to many layers of gel so you don't have to worry about breaking!

These nails are great for saving your time and money because they are reusable and you can easily apply them for just a few minutes! With every order you get (FREE OF CHARGE) one of the strongest glues on the market so you don't need to worry about nails falling off! Just make sure to check our application manual (swipe left).

These nails are also great if you want to wear them just for an occasion, so you can reuse them as many times as you'd like!

Glue x Nails is founded in Serbia and offers FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

Currently we take orders via Direct Message on Instagram and only accepting full payment via PayPal.

For more informations you can swipe left or ask us in DM or send an email to gluexnails@gmail.com

How to measure

*For ballerina shape we would suggest ordering size up

How to apply

1. File your natural nails so they are all even length

2. Buff your natural nails

3. Use rubbing alcohol to dehydrate your nail bed and let it dry

4. Place nail glue on your natural nails

5. Press on your nails and hold until the glue is completely dry (about 10 seconds)

Tip: If you want your nails to hold just for an occasion, you can apply a single dot of glue in the middle of your nail bed. Your nails will stay on for a few hours. After removing, you can save them in our box for the next time!

How to remove

1. Soak nails in soapy water for 20-30 minutes

2. Add a few drops of cuticle oil to the water to speed up process (not recommended for matte nails)

3. If you want to reuse them:

a) if you only applied a dot of glue (for wearing nails a few hours) you can easily buff off the glue from press ons

b) if you worn nails with full added glue, we would suggest purchasing an inexpensive electric nail file. It will gently buff away any build up glue on the back of the press ons



Please allow about 1 week for your set to be completed and shipped. All of our nails are made to order. We do not keep stock of our designed luxury nails. Since the nails are made in Serbia, shipping might take 7-20 days, depends on your location.

*Once in transit, Glue x Nails is NOT responsible for any lost or delayed packages, customs issues and extra fees. Please keep track of your package via your tracking number.


Any packages that are returned due to an insufficient adress or unclaimed delivery will be partially refunded. We will keep 10$ from the order because of double shipping.
If you would like to have your item re-shipped, you will purchase the item again and have a free shipping included (like usual).
Be sure to double check your order before purchasing.


1. How long do the nails stay on?

It really all depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application and how rough you are on your hands. One of the strongest glues on the market comes (FREE OF CHARGE) with your nails set. With proper application, the nails should last between 2 and 3 weeks.

2. Do you offer custom orders?

We do! If you have a concept in mind or seen something that inspires you, just send us a message so we can chat ideas together.
Price of a custom order set depends on what it is you'd like. Please be advised that not all ideas will fit our design style. We may decline if it is not a style that matches our brand.

3. Can I make changes to a design?

Yes, all sets are made to order and may be customized to your liking. So if you prefer a different color, matte or glossy finish, shorter length or design changes, please note in the DM.

Return policy

Final sale. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted due to the nature of the product. No changes will be made to your order details after 24hrs. If for some reason your products arrive in a defective or damaged state, please email gluexnails@gmail.com and include your name, order number and photo of the damaged product as soon as you receive.

*Please be sure to size your nails correctly using the sizing chart as we are NOT responsible if you order the wrong size.