Hey there! I am Zyra aka glwing.qddi or .outletqddi

I am a fanpage of Addison Rae Easterling

I started being a fanpage November 22 2020, My goal for the year was to reach 200 followers, til my account started growing and growing, and before the year ended I reached 1000

About myself


I like reading books and researching stuffs, I also write stories when I'm bored, I love watching Nicole Laeno She motivates me to be who I am and be productive, and she noticed me for 10× in YouTube already and even greeted me "Happy birthday, ily" when it was my birthday (not to brag)

pros and cons of being a fanpage

Pros- meeting new friends! I was able to create new friendship with other fanpages, and let me tell you I GAINED confidence for being a fanpage.

Cons- Hate, When I started my second fanpage .outletqddi I got lots of hate, but I never gave up, also Time I don't have lots of time for tiktok because of my other interests just like reading, and I can't balance my schedules, which is the reason I'm always inactive.

External link

My Colouring based on my own experiment

Please give colouring credits if you'll use it, it would make my day.

Filter- Teal intensity 50
Effect- Diamond intensity 20
Exposure: -100
Contrast: 10
Sharpen: 90
Highlights: -100
Shadows: 100

Colourtone (optional)
Coogee: it depends on what intensity you want

You may also use ultralight but since I'm using an android, I don't use ultralight


Updates on glwing.qddi

I'm very sorry for not posting for days, It's because I can't balance my time but I'll try to post daily every time I can, I'll unfollow inactive followers and please feel free if you want me to like your videos, I can always talk to you everytime, my dm's are always open ❤️❤️