I’m @gmdaniela05

Welcome to my world

I’m Venezuelan girl 🇻🇪 living in The States, pretty far right??.

I came 2 years ago by myself looking for a better future and opportunities and sadly leaving behind me a whole life, my family, my friends and my twenty 20 doggies. My family and I are animal rescuers, that can explain why I have so many puppies🐶 in Venezuela.

It was terrifying, exploring new horizons, making my own way in a country I did not know at all, it was a drastic change in my life, but it never allows my fears to stop me, I was going straight ahead, looking for a future although at that time I did not know what I was looking for, I did not know what I was going to find, much less what awaited me later.

Since I got here I’ve learned a lot of things about life, I’m more independent and resilient in aspects I didn’t know were possible.🦋

In Venezuela I finished my degree in Marketing/ Advertising. “ The key concept of marketing 3.0 is ‘VALUES’ “ - Philip Kotler. Whit this incredible quote I want to imply that the key to everything is the values that make you human, the love that make you sensitive and the happiness that fills your soul.

I have two regular jobs, one as a Hostess and a Barista in two different Hotels, my two jobs showed me to be the kind of person I would like to meet everyday❣️

And one day Talking with myself... Dani, go to find that thing that fires your soul up, also something that can give to you an extra income to enjoy yourself, at any time, without leave behind your other responsibilities.
And it was there when I decided to invest in a business that would let me to empower people achieve their goals and dreams. Become financially stable and the most important part: it was all beauty and self-esteem related.

Don’t depend on anyone, empower yourself in your life, achieve your aspirations, achieve your dreams, do not stop being resilient and regardless of anything make yourself worth it.

I’ll be here to help YOU improve yourself and grow so that you can achieve the best version of yourself.

Join me on this adventure ! 🥰