What the FAQ?

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An important messgage

Milkshake has transitioned away from Envato and is now a stand-alone product under the new ownership of Codelbee.

In the short term, no changes will be made to the way you experience the app. The Codelbee team has big plans for new features and making Milkshake better than ever!

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What is Milkshake?

Milkshake is a free iOS and Android app that allows you to create a Milkshake website all on your phone.

What is a Milkshake website?

A Milkshake website is a website built from your mobile device using the free Milkshake iOS or Android app. Milkshake websites are super fast and easy to make. They are customisable with beautiful templates - no need for design or coding skills. With a Milkshake website you can connect your followers to all you offer from your ‘link in bio’.

Why do I need a Milkshake website?

On social platforms like Instagram and TikTok you can only have one link in your profile. With a Milkshake website, one link is all you need to centralise and connect your followers to all you offer. As we like to say, you only link once!

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