5 Weeks to Loving YOU

The Unlearning has hands down been my hardest Learning.

Unlearning the ways others thought I should do it

Unlearning the becoming of who others thought I should be

Unlearning the things that led me to become so far out of alignment with who I truly am that I arrived at a place of confusion, frustration and loneliness and still searching for answers.

Learning to stop, to trust, to breathe, to surrender, to be vulnerable, to shed my protective layer, to sit in my truth, to not be scared to speak my thoughts and feelings, to graciously receive, to connect with my feminine and to not be concerned by those who don't understand me because it's just not their time to, has been the scariest yet most liberating feeling there is.

My 5 Week Program begins on the 31st October 2021.

You will discover ways to unlearn in order to uncover your true self and fall in love with who you were born to be 🧡

If you want more:

🧡 Love
🧡 Confidence
🧡 Calmness
🧡 Connection
🧡 Wonderment
🧡 Beauty
🧡 Radiance
🧡 Sensuality
🧡 Laughter
🧡 Pleasure
🧡 Energy
🧡 Joy

....you have found me for a reason 🙏🏻

Join me to disconnect from the thoughts that don't serve you and reconnect with your uniqueness and feel safety to move forward in the knowing you are worthy of being your true self.

I have full trust you will LOVE the Woman you truly are 🙌🏻

If you feel called to join me, I invite you to click the link below.