About Me!

Goddess Beauty Lounge

My name is Cheyenne, owner of Goddess Beauty Lounge!

I have always had a passion for the esthetics industry, so I pursued that passion and enrolled at Humber College for the Spa Management and Esthetics Program. I experienced hands-on services in both esthetics and medical spa services. After graduating in May 2018, I decided to start my own business.

Education and Certification:

Humber College Spa Management - Esthetician Diploma 2018

CND Shellac Certified Professional

Sugarlash Pro: Business Accelerator 2019

Sugarlash Pro: Volume Eyelash Extensions 2017
Sugarlash Pro: Lashstyle Course 2019

Sugarlash Pro: Lash Lift 360 2019

Sugarlash Pro: Lash Lift Collective 2021

The Lash Shop: Instant Brow Lift and Tint 2021

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening- The Brite Co 2019

NUDA Sunless Tanning 2020

Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified 2020

Barbicide COVID-19 Certification 2020

Beauty Skool: Classic Lash Extensions Artist
Novalash Certified Lash Extensionist



A lash lift is a low maintenance service that lifts and curls your natural lashes up with the results lasting between 6-8 weeks. Lash lifting works by softening and then restrengthening your natural lashes. The LIFT lotion works to break down and soften the disulfide bonds, making it easier to manipulate the shape of the lashes. The SET lotion strengthens the bonds of the lash hair, leaving the lashes in the set position.

- Those who don’t want the maintenance or cost of eyelash extensions.
- React to lash extensions.
- Want a more natural look.
- Have lighter lashes and want a deeper colour and/or don’t want to use mascara.
- Have thinner or drooping natural lashes and want a bolder look.
- Want to wake up with PERFECTLY curled lashes.

- It is recommended this service is performed on those who have healthy lashes that are 9mm long.
- This service cannot be performed on pregnant or nursing women due to the risks associated with any adverse complications or reactions that my affect the client of infant.
- Those who have any sign of damage to the eye/eyelids/ or the skin around the eye area, eye infections, eye disease, known allergies, medical conditions affecting the eye or skin around the eye or other know medical conditions that are present or cause issues on the skin and eye area should NOT have a lash lift performed.
- Those who are undergoing cancer treatments or have had chemotherapy in the last year should not have a lash lift service performed until a minimum 6-12 months post treatment and it is recommended to have a physician’s note with clearance before receiving a lash lift.
- Those who have had laser eye surgery should wait a minimum of 6 months before a lash lift should be performed.

- Do not get them wet for 24 hours (this includes heavy sweating and steam)
- Avoid applying makeup or other cosmetic products around the eye area for the first 24 hours.
- Avoid picking, pulling and rubbing the lashes. Avoid sleeping directly into the pillow for the first night as the lashes are still vulnerable.

Other then what’s listed above there is zero maintenance needed until booking your re-lift which commonly occurs between 5-6 weeks but for some, can last up to 6-8 even 8-10 weeks.



A brow lamination is a semi-permanent service that gives your brows an added fluff and fullness by using the length of the natural hairs. Brow lamination uses an Alkaline lift lotion to break the disulfide bonds, much like a Lash lift. The hairs are manipulated into a reformed shape, resulting in a sleep and defined look. Results lasting up to 6-8 weeks.

Brow lamination is great for those who have thin brows to make them appear full and those with full brows, have them appear fuller and more fluffy.

The lift and seat lotions are formulated to be gentle for the skin and brow area, however it is still a chemical. With that being said;
- Those who suffer from skin conditions, this service is not recommended to be performed.
Types of skin conditions:
- Psoriasis
- Eczema
- Alopecia
- Sunburn
- Ultra-sensitive skin
- Wounds or scar tissue in the treatment area
- Infection
- Those who have had microblading, shading or powdered brows must wait a minimum of 6-8 weeks after the procedure to get a brow lamination service done.
- Skin treatments, products and medication; those who have had any exfoliating skin treatments (such as facials or laser) or skin products that cause the skin to regenerate quickly (such as Retinol, AHA, BHA, Accutane) can cause the skin to thin out. Clients must wait a minimum of 4 weeks after their skin treatments.
- Those who are pregnant and or breastfeeding.
- Those with chemically damaged hair.

Even though Brow Lamination products are formulated to be applied to the brow and skin area, it is still a chemical and may cause irritation so some clients.
Normal Symptoms
- Mild tingling
- Slight redness due to brushing back and forth
- Slightly warm in the area
Allergic Reaction Symptoms
- Itching
- Skin flaking or peeling
- Inflammation

*If a client experiences an allergic reaction, they must refer to a medical professional*

Clients must show up to there appointment clean face (no makeup around the brow area). No waxing, threading or razor ink the brow area within the last 24 hours. Lastly no henna on the brows within the last 10-16 weeks.

Clients must avoid water, steam and heat after the Brow Lamination appointment.
The brows must be conditioned daily to maintain the results. Failure to condition may result in frizzy and unruly brows. Hair conditioner can be used on the brows to keep them hydrated and silky, best to apply when in the shower and let sit for a few minutes. Castor oil can also be used, as it is a natural emollient that can be used to hydrate the skin and hair. Brush and style your brows to maintain the shape, brow gel can be used to help any unruly hairs stay in place.