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Neptune Rises Dream Oil

Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and rules spirituality, and intuition. Neptune Rises has a mix of Rosemary, Juniper and a essential oils to boost and refine all of these qualities.

Year Ahead Forecast

Don't forget to book your 2020 year ahead forecast! It's a great way to know what blessings you'll receive in the new year and what to dodge.

For $60 you'll receive:
* A card for each month.
* A 13th card to summarize the year as a whole. The "Theme" of your year.
* Photos of your cards for your own use.
*An email summarizing each month so you can reflect on your reading all year!

Ive been doing my own yearly spread for about 3 years now and it's so cool to look back at my planner and see how things turned out.

3 Card Tarot

Let me bring some clarity into your life! I can provide a 3-card intuitive reading that will allow your teachers, ancestors, and loved ones to provide the messages you need to hear in order to move forward in the right direction.

Venus Blooms Love Oil

This oil is perfect for helping bring in love, beauty and wealth. Each oil and herb was hand chosen for this specific purpose. Use it on your body, in the bath or even on a candle to help ring in your manifestations

Artemis Rides Bath Soak

Our salt baths were also meant to accompany you during your full moon bath time as well. Use the power of the full moon release what no longer serves you.

Artemis Rides invokes the feeling of riding horseback with the forest breeze at your back. It's made with refreshing Pine, Cedar and Spearmint.

Tarot Events

Give your guests a unique experience and book tarot readings for your next event! Tarot, along with other spiritual services, is rapidly rising in popularity. It's perfect for your intimate evening with friends or a large group setting.

Tarot is perfect for events such as:
- Bachelorette parties
- New Years Eve events
- Halloween
- Weddings
- Birthdays
- Private Parties

I would love to be at your next event! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

📞 214-407-1251
💌 [email protected]

Goddess Gatherings is about slowing down and listening. Listening to your heart, your soul and your body. It's a mix of holistic health with a witchy twist.

I sell handmade crafted goods to help you unwind and relax. We have balms to help you sleep, salt baths to detox and even body oils and tools to help manifest your hopes and dreams.